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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Faith in '08: Meet God-o-Meter

News & Blogs --

Hillary's buoyed by Bill's Baptist banter. A hedge on abortion sends Romney tumbling. Our new and highly scientific God-o-Meter rates the candidates based on their God-talk. See Their Current Ratings"

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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Getting Religious About Street Parking


    Published: November 9, 2007, New York Times

    Today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, celebrating the triumph of good, represented by Lord Rama, over the forces of evil. It is a holiday that thrills some of my friends. Not that they are Hindus themselves.

    The three-day Islamic feasts of Id al-Fitr and Id al-Adha thrill them, too. They aren’t Muslims, either.

    They are, in the main, Christians and Jews. Most of them are not the sort to be found in church or synagogue every Sunday or Saturday morning. But they derive enormous satisfaction from holy days like the Feast of the Assumption or from a days-long Jewish festival like Passover.

    continue reading

    [info courtesy: Gail Zimmer]

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  • Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Even Athiests pray … figures don't lie!

    CORRECTED: Even Atheists pray … figures don't lie!

    November 4th, 2007 by Nancy Reyes
    Surveys show that 52% of Americans pray every day, 57% of Catholics pray every day, 41% of those who aren’t sure of life after death pray every day, and 15% of people who aren’t sure there is a God pray every day.***

    He said, with a grin, that people pray “to whom it may concern” or […] Read the rest of this entry »
    Posted by Nancy Reyes in All News, Society and Culture, US News, Religious News No Comments » 73 Views

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    Americans favor individual spirituality and personal empowerment--which has influenced even traditional, institutional religion. To read the entire article, click here. (C) 2005 Newsweek, Inc.
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  • If you don’t like the word God, substitute Nature, All Being, or Reality. If you don’t like the word “Word,” substitute something like “impulse.”
  • Google it
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  • Schools of Fish and Thought
    The theists prayed and said “Amen,” while atheists said “Ahem . . .”
    “There’s no such thing, you silly goofs; you haven’t any proof.”
    Panentheists sought elbow room, they tried to wriggle in.
    That en’s a tricky syllable; it splices God’s hair thin. continue reading @ Faithcommons

    ***Survey sources are listed below, courtesy Nancy Reyes:

  • The talk was given at a local university and reviewed in the local Catholic paper in western Massachusetts, where I am visiting my brother. They don't have a website, but the announcement is here.
  • But this NYTimes article refers to the same data:
  • This article on his website examines the belief in life after death and notes that not all atheists are "hard core" atheists.
  • The NORC website is here.
  • Presumably the research is published in journals...several of his surveys can be found at JSTOR, but since I don't have access, I can't read the hard sociological data.
  • Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Dear Diary: The Dalai Lama

    Diplomatic tangle over Dalai Lama:

    As imagined by Joseph Brean, National Post Saturday, November 03, 2007

    As imagined by Joseph Brean, National Post

    • MONDAY: Big surprise...
    • TUESDAY: In Canada now...
    • WEDNESDAY: Meet Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday...
    • THURSDAY: Yesterday, meet Canada opposition leader...
    • FRIDAY: Flying back to my government-in-exile in India.... Continue reading the full diary

    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    A worldwide convention of demons

    NB. note from a Blogger: I have done search upon search to find out who wrote this (below) and came up with 'Anonymous'.

    [Info courtesy: Abdul Rawoof Sait ]

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