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Monday, April 23, 2007

Information Seeking Behavior of the Believers

  • The information-seeking behavior of pastoral clergy : A study of the interaction of their work worlds and work roles, WICKS D. A, Library & information science research 1999, vol. 21, no2, pp. 205-226 (4 p.)
  • The role of the research phase in information seeking behaviour of Jewish studies scholars: a modification of Ellis's behavioural characteristics, by J. Bronstein Information Research, Vol. 12 No. 3, April 2007,
  • [pdf] INFORMATION-SEEKING BEHAVIOUR OF INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA LAW FACULTY MEMBERS, by Shaheen Majid1 and Gava Mugeraa Kassim, Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, Vol.5, no.2, December 2000: 1-17
  • Information seeking behaviour of the Catholic religious in Ibadan, Nigeria, Airenobeuan Edale Adetimirin, Information Research, Vol. 10 No. 1, 2004,
  •  Investigating the Seeking Behavior for Religious Information in Social Media: International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC) 7(4) ... Volume 7: 4 Issues (2016).
  • Information-Seeking Behavior of Clergy: The Research, the Results, and the Future Jacob Dankasa
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  • [ppt] Joseph Owen - Presentation: Children and Religious Information

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  • Sunday, April 22, 2007

    1st computerised Muslim graveyard in the making

    Indian Muslim Mumbai, April 17 ( The making of first computerised graveyard in the city is in its final stage. Once the Jama Masjid Trust goes online, Muslims will not have to go to the graveyard office to enquire about the details of some near and dear one(s) buried there; all the details will be only a click away, chairman of the Trust Ameen Antulay told the presspersons here Monday.

    Jama Masjid Trust manages a big graveyard spread over 8.5 acres of land. Situated in the heart of the city near Marian Line Railway Station, the 180-year old graveyard has the facility of burying 11,000 dead bodies at a time.

    At present the graveyard office holds the records of burials of about 60 years. Ameen Antulay said they are trying to computerise all the available documents. “We have already computerised the documents of last 30 years and it will be easily available to public,” he said.

    He informed the presspersons that many persons visit the office everyday to enquire about the details of the burial of their relations as such information is necessary for getting death certificates issued from Mumbai Municipal Corporation or for any other purpose. The officials have to turn the pages of the record manually to provide the visitors with necessary details, and sometimes it appears rather difficult. But with this scientific invention this work will be done in a matter of minutes. The computerised information will include the name of the dead person, his complete address, date of burial, place of burial, grave No., names of heirs and/or the persons present at the time of burial, etc.

    This graveyard was recently subjected to modernisation. Graves were made in order and numbered. Details of every dead person have been recorded. The modernisation included concretisation of roads in between the rows of graves, and installation of water tapes at different places in the graveyard.

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  • Saturday, April 14, 2007

    Online church to feature on BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship -- Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Let us pray ... at St Pixels, the virtual church with bar and bouncy castle Martin Wainwright, Thursday April 12, 2007, The Guardian. Special reports, Religious Affairs
  • From another source: Online church St Pixels enters an exciting phase this Easter with the launch of a new church environment and a ground-breaking service for BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship.
    Although not yet in full 3D, St Pixels, a project supported by the Methodist Church, now has many features of the final version. Full story @ Inspire Magazine
  • Online Worshipers: Church is the People, Not the Pixels, By Lillian Kwon
    Christian Post Reporter, Apr. 02 2007
  • Web surfers flock to Godcast, Sophie Finnemore, March 26, 2007
    You've heard of iPod - now welcome to iGod. High-tech vicar Reverend Clay Nelson is taking his sermons virtual.

  • Muslim reunited with his Sikh family The Hindu, Staff Reporter, Apr 13, 2007
    A joyous reunion after 60 years: "We may belong to different religions but we are brothers"
    MIRANSAHIB: A Muslim brother was reunited with his Sikh family after 60 years on Thursday.

    Sheikh Aziz, a resident of Rawalakot town in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, was finally given permission to meet his Sikh family living in Miransahib, a border town on the periphery of Jammu city.
  • 'Let women be bishops' - Archbishop Barry Morgan, BBC News, 11 April 2007,
    The leader of the Anglican church in Wales has called for his church to allow women priests to become bishops. Full story
  • Meaningful meaningless meditation, Church of the Churchless
    More and more, I'm trying to make my meditation time as meaningless as possible. That's a change.
    I've been meditating, daily, for more than thirty-seven years. After being initiated in 1971 by an Indian guru, Charan Singh, I dutifully followed the meditative practice enjoined by Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Full article

  • Persecution strengthens our faith, says archbishop of Hyderabadby Nirmala Carvalho AsiaNews,INDIA, 04/12/2007
    Widespread and persistent suspicion surrounds Christians in Andhra Pradesh. Hindu extremists threaten and sometimes act out violently against them. Mgr Joii talks about the situation stressing how persecution strengthens believers’ faith and unity among themselves and with the Church.

    New Delhi (AsiaNews) – In Andhra Pradesh Christians are mistrusted and held under suspicion, frequently targeted for violence, charged with trying to convert Hindus. Speaking to AsiaNews, Mgr Marampudi Joji, archbishop of Hyderabad, talks about the difficult situation which leaves so many people in uncertainty and yet strengthens their understanding of the meaning of Easter.
    Full article
  • Hindu Outrage At Elizabeth Hurley, @
  • Coca-Cola protests Jesus scene in film, TV3 News, New Zealand - 8 Apr 2007
  • Winning their Hearts and Minds @ Sacred and Profane

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  • Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives' Book Discussion on OMNI TV

    Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives
    I will be discussing my book on April 10, 11 and 14, 2006 @ the timings mentioned below. You are invited to watch this show with family and friends.
    Rogers Cable: Voices of Religion: (Channel 10 or 63):

    Tuesday April 10 @ 3 - 3:30am
    Wednesday April 11 @ 10 - 10:30am
    Saturday April 14 @ 8:30 - 9am

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    ESSAY FOR GOOD FRIDAY - Religion in a secular society

    Punchline: While the discussions / debates go on (left, right and above, and all-over media), Toronto Star (below) analyses the issues / concerns that face the Canadian multiculturalism.

    Toronto Star, Apr 06, 2007, Michael Smith
    Religious people should be free to propose public policy alternatives based on the ethics of their faith, provided that their position is rationally defensible, writes Michael Smith

    What is a secular society and what is the place of religion in it? In Canada, now among the most multicultural and diverse nations on earth, that question is becoming more and more relevant each day.

    The expression "secular society" has more than one meaning. But, also, our society is one in which more than one meaning is being put forward as a paradigm of what constitutes a life well lived. continue reading

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  • Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Thought for the day by Rabbi Balfour Brickner

    PUNCHLINE: Above pitures are in the news depicting prayers for 'success of the Cricket Team member (s)'

    "We have all attended athletic game at which a member of the clergy or even a layperson led the assembled fans in a prayer for their community's team to win the game. Should God be expected to confer to each side its desired response of victory? Or should we be praying in a different way, or perhaps not at all? It seems to me that the only legitimate prayer that might be uttered before a game is not for victory, but for health and safety of the players, especially since the possibility of physical harm and injury is inherent in the very nature of the game. I never heard any one lead a stadium full of fans in such a prayer. Nor am I aware that fans or relative of players have ever requested such prayer. Yet, ironically I suspect that if a player were seriously injured, his parents and friends would pray fiercely for his recovery."(Rabbi Balfour Brickner, in Finding God in the Garden: Backyard Reflections on Life, Love, and Compost 2002 p. 57)

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  • Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Getting passion out of your profession

    It is much-ado-about how to keep loving your living...come what may....

    By COLLEEN CLARKE, 24 Hours Toronto [Winning in the Workplace], March 28, 2007 p. 18
    "Do you remember how you reacted the first time you got "the call" telling you, you "got the job?" Whether it was your first job or the one you have now, waiting for that phone call was misery. When it came, you whooped and hollered and went out to celebrate.

    Five years later, you are out drinking - not in celebration, but from lack of enthusiasm. What happened?

    Nina Spencer, author and conference speaker of Nina Spencer and Associates in Toronto, shows us how to keep loving your living in her book, "Getting Passion Out of Your Profession."

    Follow Nina's eight steps to empower yourself to grab your professional life and give it a fling.

    1. Practice positive thinking. Listen to yourself, become conscious of all the negatives you communicate, "Is this a bad time?" Yikes, try, "Did I get you at a good time?" Never suggest a negative. "I can't do that until ..." becomes "I will be able to do this ... when ..." Positive talk and action begets positive outcomes.
    2. Project personal self worth ...
    3. Protect your sense of humour...
    4. Play with perspective...
    5. Profess purpose...
    6. Preserve energy and enthusiasm....
    7. Promise to persevere...
    8. Perpetuate relationships. ..."
    continue reading in 24 Hours Toronto

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