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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Multifaith Hall of Fame of the 21st century

This is a virtual space designed by Dr. Mohamed Taher

You are welcome to take the above icon (copy, download, save, share...) and feel free to display it in your blog, Website or on your own desktop.

Name index:
#Asghar Ali Engineer
#Bruce B. Lawrence
#Bruce Robinson
#Christopher Helland
#Debbie Herring
#Douglas Cowan
#JW Windland
#Joseph Romain
#Kevin J. Wright
#Liz Chappel
#Mike Ghouse
#Paul McKenna
# Rachel Barenblat
#Rev Leslie Gabriel Mezei
#Revd Marcus Braybrooke
#Rev. William F. Fore
#Rowan Fairgrove
#Steven Waldman
About this Hall:
This Multifaith Hall of Fame is based on two facets, viz., content and context:
  • Content: Aims to facilitate in building a knowledgebase (i.e., focused on Multifaith Information Dissemination).
  • Context: Attempts to aggregate some of the significant contributions that are scattered in the cyberspace -- i.e., scattered on the surface Web (or horizontal Web) as well in the deep Web (or vertical Web). This virtual Hall is likely to grow by day, and no attempt is made to make this a finalist.

    A primary purpose of this Virtual Hall is to serve as a mind-map of the Multifaith knowledgebase. This is planned, here, in two steps, viz., first, identifying the contributions of individuals & corporate, and, second, initiating the process of documentation of all that is involved in promoting tolerance and facilitating accommodation among the diverse religious and spiritual communities in a global village.

    Hence, this knowledgebase intends to include people, themes & concepts, fundamentals, sacred spaces, symbols, etc.

  • Who-is-Who   

    Asghar Ali Engineer
    Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai - India
    Right Livelihood Honorary Award (also called the Alternate Nobel Award) for vision and work, Stockholm, Sweden, 2004
    National Communal Harmony Award, 1997 presented by Home Ministry, Govt. of India
    Inter-faith Award, 1999 (Khwaja Gharib-Un-Nawaz Welfare Centre, Bangalore)
  • E-mail:
  • A detailed profile at Wikipedia

    Bruce B. Lawrence
    Abrahamic Pluralist. Defrocked Medievalist. An Islamicist and a comparativist, is the Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor and Director, Duke Islamic Studies Center, Duke University. He concerns himself with Muslim and non-Muslim religious traditions of Asia, especially Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, Since the mid-80s, he has been concerned with the interplay between religion and ideology.
  • E-mail

    Bruce Robinson
    He was motivated to organize the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance in early 1995, after becoming convinced that religious intolerance was responsible for much of the hatred, mass murder and genocide in Bosnia, and in other world hot spots.
  • e-mail:

    Christopher Helland
    Assistant Professor, Sociology of Religion
    Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University
  • e-mail:

    Debbie Herring
    This site is intended as a resource for those interested in the study of theology in cyberspace, theology of cyberspace and theology for cyberspace.
    You'll find collections of links under each of these headings. There's also a section of links concerned with research method in this environment. There are links to some of my own lectures, essays and articles on cybertheology, and a personal page. Please note that this site has no connection whatsoever with the individual who posts as "Cyber Theologian" to various Usenet groups with an anti-gay, misogynistic agenda based on biblical literalism.

  • Douglas Cowan
    Most of Prof. Cowan’s major work has focused on two principal areas of interest: (1) religion and the Internet; and (2) a variety of issues related to boundary-making and identity maintenance in assorted religious domains—that is, how religious communities establish and maintain boundaries around different aspects of human life and behavior, how those boundaries are challenged and transgressed, and how transgressions are met and resolved (if indeed they are) by religious adherents.

    JW Windland
    JW Windland (James William Lawrence Windland (1949-2014) a comparative mythologist and founder of the Encounter World Religions Centre, an internationally recognized educational organization designated as a “Gift Of Service To The World” by the Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa. JW has more than thirty-five years experience in the study, teaching and first-hand experience of world religions. In addition to his academic background in religious studies, JW regularly attends mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras, churches and temples as a testimony to his appreciation of world religions. This background gives JW a perspective that is unique and tangible. He has genuine friendships with these practitioners, joins in their rituals and introduces thousands of people to the winnowed wisdom of these diverse communities. Mr. Windland is a specialist in interreligious dialogue and in creating comfort across religious and cultural borders. He lectures internationally to universities, churches, and service and professional organizations. JW brings a familiarity and a deep knowledge of the many religious traditions that make up the North American mosaic.
    Obituary note
  • e-mail:

    Joseph Romain
    Former Manager, Multifaith Information Services
    Ontario Multifaith Council, Toronto

    Kevin J. Wright
    A fifteen-year veteran of the travel industry, Kevin launched the very successful and high profile Religious Travel Division at Globus, the world’s leading escorted travel company. In 2005, Wright launched the country’s first-ever annual National Religious Travel Symposiums – educational seminars designed for travel and tourism professionals about the lucrative Religious Travel market. Today he is the president of the Religious Marketing Consulting Group, a team of independent professionals who assist travel and tourism companies in working with the Religious Market. Wright is also the founder and Executive Director of the World Religious Travel Association.
  • e-mail:

    Liz Chappel
    Former Executive Director, Ontario Multifaith Council, Toronto

    Mike Ghouse
    "I believes that if we can learn to accept and respecpect the God given uniqueness of each one of the 7 billion of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge. Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding to acceptance and appreciation of people with a different point of view. Maintaining the equilibrium of society and the Universe is the most important value. Indeed, that may have been the un-stated, esoteric purpose of religion.
  • e-mail:

    Paul McKenna
    Paul McKenna, MA, teaches, writes and consults in the fields of world religions and interfaith dialogue. Paul collaborated with a number of people in creating the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster. Currently he functions as the Interfaith Coordinator for Scarboro Missions. He is the most productive and creative force in visualization, as well in dissemination of the true colors of the Golden Rule poster, and this is a point of reference for many world's religions today.
    Scarboro Missions Interfaith Desk
  • e-mail:

    Rachel Barenblat
    Rachel Barenblat is a student in the Aleph rabbinic program. She
    has a deep interest in creating liturgy which is rooted in tradition but
    accessible to all. She is author most recently of /chaplainbook/, a
    collection of hospital chaplaincy poems from laupe house press
  • e-mail:

    Rev Leslie Gabriel Mezei
    I am a Holocaust survivor from Hungary, and an interfaith minister now. I started the Interfaith Unity Newsletter and edited it for three years, and continue as its publisher, with the Rev. Terry Weller, also an interfaith minister, as Editor.
    Rev Leslie Gabriel Mezei to receive Golden Rule Ambassador for Peace Award
    Scarboro Missions is responding to the inspiration of the Interfaith Peace Initiative in Ethiopia which is encouraging organizations around the world to recognize Golden Rule Ambassadors for Peace among their constituencies.
    Leslie Gabriel Mezei is an interfaith minister who regularly conducts The Universal Worship Service. A peace promoter and a multi-faith educator, Leslie has made a major contribution to interfaith networking in the Greater Toronto Area. (Leslie is seen here conducting a Universal Worship Service). see also: FROM MOURNING TO LIGHT
  • e-mail:

    Revd Marcus Braybrooke
    Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke is a retired Anglican parish priest, living near Oxford , England . He has been involved in interfaith work for over forty years, especially through the World Congress of Faiths, which he joined in 1964 and of which he is now President. He is a Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum, Patron of the International Interfaith Centre at Oxford and a Peace Councillor.
  • e-mail:

    Rev. William F. Fore, Ph.D.,
    He is author of Mythmakers: Gospel, Culture and the Media (Friendship Press). In retirement he maintains a web site at that provides 5,700 full-text articles and books by recognized religious scholars, and enjoys doing astrophotography.
  • e-mail:

    Rowan Fairgrove
    Rowan Fairgrove is one of the Interfaith Representatives for Covenant of the Goddess. She maintains one of the oldest Multifaith religion links pages at and is the host of the podcast, Interfaith Today. .
  • e-mail:

    Steven Waldman
    Steven Waldman is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Beliefnet. Before that he was the National Editor of US News & World Report and before that the National Correspondent for Newsweek. He earlier served as editor of The Washington Monthly, an influential political magazine
  • e-mail:

    Other Halls of Fame, F.Y.I.,
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    See also, Halls of Fame: An International Directory, by David Blevins (McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers, 2003) available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble

    PS. Individual efforts are limited in many ways. In the selection of people, here, I have not been able to consider those whose (contributions are equally important, but their) work exists outside the sphere of cyberspace. I hope that some body (at a local, or global level) will visualize--in a physical space--such A Multifaith Hall of Fame. And, in that space, geographically map these contributions on the basis of quantitative or qualitative measures. I will be very happy to be associated with such a global mapping project. Interestingly, there is no shortage of tools and existing Web-based aggregation tools simply need people support. For instance, among the quantitative data gathering and mapping printed works is Eugene Garfield's HistCite. This helps in indexing and mapping the knowledge in any domain. Join hands and we can collectively build effective and efficient knowledgebase and the posterity would not have to build the bridges from scratch.


    Anonymous said...

    I looked at the Blog, quite interesting, however I am not competent to comment on its contents, because the field is bit different. But, I know you have worked hard to develop the concept, and I am sure your likely future project "Multifaith Luminaries" will also be conceived soon. Please accept my best wishes for all your future endeavours.
    With best regards,

    Anonymous said...

    Keep up the good work.

    Anonymous said...

    I’ve added the Multifaith Hall of Fame to my links at SoMA. You’ll find it here, under “Non-Denominational”

    Feel free to add SoMA to your links to, if the spirit should so move you!
    John Spalding
    SoMA: A Review of Religion and Culture
    "All faith is autopsy"--Søren Kierkegaard

    Anonymous said...

    Why not ceate an index, subject wise, authorwise so that, one
    can locate, something specific, one is lookjing for.
    Prof. Krishan Kumar

    M Taher said...

    Dear Prof. Krishan Kumar
    Thank you for your suggestion. I was feeling the need for a name index. And, I was looking for a visual or graphic tool for this. In the absence of any such tool, I have stopped waiting. I just added a name index. Subject index is, another issue. I tried - I have a technical problem using this tool (because I wish to get tags for each name and subject in the Hall).
    Best, Mohamed Taher

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on a wonderful site. You are breaking new ground.

    All the best and kind regards,

    Kevin J. Wright

    Anonymous said...

    This is very useful for our program of comparative study of religions.
    A R Kamaruddin

    Anonymous said...

    I am happy to be included in your Multifaith Hall of Fame, a terrific concept that deserves wide publicity and a long life!

    Bruce Lawrence

    Anonymous said...

    I am very flattered that you should want to include me in your Hall of Fame.

    Marcus Braybrooke

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for thinking of including me in your list of person working for multifaith causes.

    JW Windland

    Lynn said...

    Hey Mohamad!

    This is great!
    So when I get my Portal running we can inter-link if you wish!

    I grew up near the Scarborough Mission, and I see you have it listed. I spent alot of time there playing tennis against their handball court.

    The Sisters used to come and play with us sometimes. I purchased my prized violin at a charity sale at the mission, when I was nine years old.

    I appreciate the note and I did put a reply in my comments. But I think the link I recommed, you might already have.

    I will keep comin back.
    I will write about you in the future.


    M Taher said...

    Thanks Lynn.
    I did get permission from both the sites you suggested. See in the Hall for Bruce Robinson of relgioustolerance and Paul McKenna of

    Thank you for the synchronous and so kind comments. Best, Mohamed

    Anonymous said...

    I enjoyed your blog. Here's a great place you might like self hypnosis.

    Mike Ghouse said...


    Salam, Shalom, namaste, satsriakaal, allaabho, hamazor asho bed, jai jinendra and peace to you for creating this wonderful blog.

    I am honored that you gave me a place among the best in the field.


    Mike Ghouse

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Mohamed,
    If you would like to publicize your Web site to religion editors and reporters, I encourage you to check out our press release distribution service. We deliver press releases Monday through Friday via email to over 1,600 subscribers.
    I’ve attached a brochure with more information and rates.

    Claudia Sans
    Religion News Service

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