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Monday, March 08, 2021

Five Minute Survey: Bridging the Digital Divide During COVID-19 -- Win a gift card & Join with book Chapter contributors


As a professional colleague, I request that you take five minutes of your time to complete the survey and provide me with your feedback.  Please respond by Wed., 10th March, 2021.The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link. Five Minute Survey: COVID-19

  • We want to hear from you! Most questions are optional!
  • Two questions (#8 & #10) have a sample list of trendsetters. If your institution has made a distinct contribution, and is missing, Please choose "Other" and send me your details, for the next survey probably in the coming week or so. Thanks 
We really appreciate your help. 

Thank You!

Libraries, Archives, Museums (LAM), and community-based organizations (CBO) do have partnerships - - mainly because both are information providers. This survey is focused on the post COVID-19 era, and the strategies, that are expected or are  ready for Social Justice (SJ) & Civic Engagement (CE).

The results of the survey will  help in developing content for the forthcoming book: Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities, a forthcoming publication. of IGI-Global. For  more details of the book visit. 

The book chapter proposal submission date is extended to March 23, 2021:  Thank you to all those who have already submitted. 

This survey is anonymous. The results of this survey will be used for scholarly purpose only.



>>>>>LAM =  Libraries, Archives, Museums (LAM), 

>>>> CBO =  Community-Based Organizations (CBO) 

>>>>> SJ = Social Justice 

>>>> CJ =  Civic Engagement 

>>>>“Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.” (National Association of Social Workers)

>>>>"Civic engagement is simply fulfilling your role as a citizen in your community and society through active participation in civic life." []  -- ""Examples can range from creating a home assessment offer to keep citizens safe, using a website as an emergency platform for community disasters, or creating an emergency response team for a disaster." [civicplus . com]

>>>>:"Libraries, archives and museums (or LAMs) coexist in a variety of organizational settings and face increasing pressure to provide more integrated access to their collections." [www.oclc . org]

>>>> " based organizations are providers of adult education." [Teaching Social Justice through Community Engagement https://files.eric.ed. gov/fulltext/EJ1136524. pdf ]

Thank you.
Mohamed Taher, Toronto
mt  at  akbani dot info

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