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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Multifaith Information Gateway

Welcome to this World's first blogsphere set to disseminate information in the area that is called: Multifaith.

The content, here, manifests three formats: Online, print and multimedia. The context is interdisciplinary, i.e., multifaith literature which encompasses faiths, spiritualities, cults, cultures, races, regions, signs, symbols, actions, activities, as well as, transendental meditation.

And in the beginning there was the word...

Many New England colleges and universities trace their beginnings to religious, in most cases, Protestant Christian, roots. Even as colleges and universities shed their formal religious ties by the end of World War II and declared themselves secular, a Christian ethos continued to permeate their institutional culture. Today on many campuses, past mono-religious practices are colliding with multi-religious realities. This collision has precipitated a crisis in dealing with the increasing religious diversity on campus and addressing issues of spirituality and education.
source:Moments of meaning: Religious pluralism, spirituality and higher education Connection: New England's Journal of Higher Education, Fall 1998 by Kazanjian, Victor H Jr

From the Like-minded Blogspheres (recent postings), Multifaith Issues From Other Blogs - Update No. 1 :
~~~~The Enquirer - View stained glass in a new light (Cincinnati glass):
A series of stained glass windows lines the hallway into the Chapel of the Holy Child and ... the Holy Child and Multifaith Sanctuary. at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center ... Source:

~~~~a candle, a prayer, and a salute -- a love letter from an old hippy:
I think it was Wednesday or Thursday of last week, after a multifaith service was held in front of the blue house, that the kids quietly packed up the massive memorial on the sidewalk, boxing up the mementos to give to the various ...

~~~~Multifaith calendar:
I want to wake up one day as a new multifaith calendar, leaving all bad thoughts, bad times and pains behind, but how can that be? If I only have the power to bring back time, I wont let myself into this mess.

~~~~A Glass of White Wine, a Bottle of Neuroses:
Compared to a lot of people, I like my editorial job at, what I like to describe to people as a "multifaith religion news website" or "the online version of TIME magazine, with a religious twist." Yes, the pay is probably ...

~~~~The 8 Dynamics of Existence:
It actually embraces the allness of all. When the seventh dynamic is reached in its entirety one will only then discover the true Eighth Dynamic.

~~~~Links to Multifaith and Religion Sites

~~~~Click here to browse the world's leading resource in this area:The Multifaith Library

~~~~The Hindu Business Line, July 27 2005, 'The Hindu ad gets credit at NY fest' by Sankar Radhakrishnan: "We cogratulate THE HINDU for being a Christian, a Muslim, a Parsi, a Sikh, a Buddhist and a Jain for the Last 125 years"

A comment by a reader
: The Hindu on its 125th anniversary, the ad also sought to highlight the paper's tradition of dispassionate dissemination of news

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