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Friday, September 22, 2006

Mahim Mayhem - Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Mahim Mayhem, Islamic Voice (a news magazine from Bangalore, India), September 2006
    The Mahim episode was an eye-opener, triggering a debate not just in Mumbai, but in the country, over Faith Vs Science.

    All through August 19, thousands of Muslims poured into Mumbai from all parts of the country, heading for the Mahim sea front in central Mumbai, where ‘sweet water’ was first discovered on a Friday night.
  • Indian American scientist restoring 700-year-old sacred Hindu text September 22 2006
  • Indian American scientist restoring 700-year-old sacred Hindu text Friday September 22 2006 00:00 IST
    WASHINGTON: An Indian American scientist is leading a project to digitally restore a 700-year-old palm leaf manuscript containing the essence of Hindu philosophy by using modern imaging technologies.
  • Christians and Muslims meet for religious dialogue in Iran @ Faith Commons
    In preparation for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October 2006, the North American peace church relief and development agency, Mennonite Central Committee, is working with US congregations to help pastors and church leaders gain tools to understand and respond to situations of sexual abuse or violation that impact the congregation – writes Marla Pierson Lester for MCC. Continue reading

  • A couple of broadcast links that I found interesting @ Virtually Islamic, Dr. Gary Bunt. September 21, 2006
    Rather belatedly, I am listening to two August broadcasts by Andy Kershaw, focusing on Rai music in Algeria. These are excellent programmes, comparable to his similar recorded travels elsewhere in the world which I have mentioned before on this blog. A highlight is a 'live' recording of Rachid Taha. There are a number of other recordings by other artistes (in a variety of locations, including a hotel bedroom!). Radio 3, Andy Kershaw in Algeria

    The BBC are also presenting a series of programmes under the banner 'Unconvering Iran'. This includes TV and radio materials. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet, as there are several hours worth of material. Continue reading...

  • Canada: International Religious Freedom Report 2006
  • Defense of multiple roots lands best-selling author in court Nicolas Cheviron, ISTANBUL - AFP, September 20, 2006
    Multicultural, multilingual and determined to defend her right to be so, prominent author Elif ┼×afak's ruffling of establishment feathers in Turkey has resulted in a lawsuit for “denigrating the Turkish national identity” that begins here Thursday.

    The novels of the 35-year-old ┼×afak, peopled with uprooted characters that switch nationality, religion and even sex, has managed to offend almost all sectors of Turkey's complex establishment. continue reading

  • Task force to study 'Islamophobia' By BRIAN GRAY, TORONTO SUN, Thu, September 21, 2006
    A student organization is out to conquer "Islamophobia" on Ontario's college and university campuses.

    The Canadian Federation of Students launched a task force yesterday that will go from school to school across the province to hear from Muslim students who have had good and bad experiences because of their religion.

    "I've noticed differences in how people treat you," U of T student Ausma Malik said, adding the treatment can be subtle and come from both students and faculty.

    Malik will sit on the task force made up of Muslims and non-Muslims from inside and outside the student community.

    The task force started as a campaign against "Islamaphobia, anti-Semitism and racism" after Muslim students at Ryerson University were targets of hateful graffiti and posters two years ago, said Jesse Greener, the federation's Ontario chairman. continue reading

  • Seven Questions: The Cross and the Crescent Posted September 2006, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
    The schism between Islam and the West seemed to grow deeper this month, as the pope’s comments about Islam incited worldwide riots. FP spoke with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the multifaith Cordoba Initiative, about the pope’s controversial remarks, the future of dialogue among religions, and the U.S. role in bridging the divide with the Muslim world.

  • Can’t get enough ink on the pope? @ Faith Commons
  • Sep06 issue of Next-Wave is online... @ Faith Commons
    Cover Story Reality for the Rest of Us By Bill Dahl AsI looked out over the Pacific ocean, sun setting in the west, Irealized the gift that purpose-driven theology had bestowed upon me:the passion to pursue a relationship with God, beyond the boundaries ofthe horizon. I began to realize that perhaps, “God is bigger than theChristian faith.”(12) Maybe there’s more to God than what we presentlyportend to comprehend. I was at a point in my life where, as one authorrecounted, “We must learn how to perceive the living God who isbuilding a new world in unexpected places and shapes; indeed, we mustlearn what it means to enter the new world of God. In short, we mustrelearn the meaning of being a Christian.” It was time to move on,pursuing the God of More. continue reading
    Next-Wave Ezine - September, Issue #93

  • Worlds Religions After September 11, A Global Congress, September 14-16, 2006, organized by Prof. Arvind Sharma of McGill University, a noted expert in religious studies and interfaith relations.
    READ post conference reports, by Shanta Premawardhana @ Associate General Secretary for Interfaith Relations, National Council of Churches USA.
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