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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thought for the day by John Selby

"A primary teaching throughout the Koran, repeated over and over by the faithful in ritual prayer, is the fact that "God wants to give you clarity and guide you, and to be present for you ... for God is most knowing, most wise ... God wants to lighten your burden, knowing the humanity was created weak." (p. 127)
...In the Islamic tradition, God already knows what is in our hearts, and we don't have to tell Allah what help we need. All we need to do is call on God, by whatever name, surrender our ego center to our spiritual center, and shift from broadcast to receive mode. As I understand it, this is what Muslims are doing at a spiritual level five times a day when they pause for ritual prayer." (Chpater 5: Emotional healing, Mohammed; p. 127)
Quoted from: meditation secrets from the world's greatest teachers, by John Selby. (2003) Contents: Succeeding with meditation - Breath watch, Patanjali - Quieting the mind, Lao-Tzu - Accepting the truth, Buddha - Heart awakening, Jesus - Emotional healing, Mohammed - Self-remembering, Gurdjieff - Experiencing bliss, Krishnamurti - Your daily meditation program.
Author: Psychologist John Selby has spent over thirty years practicing and teaching meditation and its benefits and has studied meditative techniques and traditions all over the world. The author of seven meditation and self-help books, Selby has sold more than half-a-million copies of his books worldwide. His books have been translated into eight languages.
From The Critics: "While some adherents may not be comfortable with the yoking together of these often disparate traditions, Selby knows his audience, and his work will find a receptive readership among those interested in New Age spirituality." [Library Journal @]

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