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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Articles of Faith: Cleric offers tips to living in multifaith society - Faithwise Review of the Week


IT WASN'T all that long ago that what most Americans knew of religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism came from books, not personal encounter or experience. That's changed. Not only have travel and technology made the world smaller, but America has become a religiously pluralistic nation. Islam is now the fastest- growing religion in North America.

There are more Buddhists than Methodists in this country. Twenty-first century America is a land of many faiths. You are as likely to have a Muslim or Buddhist as a neighbor or co-worker as you are a Presbyterian or a Jew. continue

  • Brazilian President, Lula impressed with India's multi-faith heritage Raheel Raza [Ira Goldmintz photo]
  • Muslim author advocates multi-faith dialogue
  • Westminster multifaith pilgrimage
  • Japanese robot likes sushi, fears president:

    TOKYO,Japan, June 5-- Kansei frowns when he hears the word "bomb," smiles at "sushi" and looks scared and disgusted when someone says "president" -- and he isn't even human.
    Japan's latest robot, called Kansei and created by a university research team, can pull up to 36 different facial expressions based on a program which creates word associations from a self-updating online database of 500,000 keywords.
  • Apocalypse now: Why extending religious discrimination laws to include personal philosophies exposes the flaws in protecting beliefs, 05 June 2007 00:00This article first appeared in Personnel Today magazine
  • Using science to question religious belief
  • Modes of Faith: Secular Surrogates for Lost Religious Belief
  • Divorce increases risk of Ritalin use, study finds
    Divorce increases risk of Ritalin use, study finds
    Updated Tue. Jun. 5 2007 9:07 AM ET News Staff
    Divorce puts children at a "significantly higher" risk of being prescribed Ritalin compared to kids whose parents don't divorce, finds new research by a University of Alberta sociologist.
  • Chicken Bones Suggest Polynesians Found Americas Before Columbus
  • Faith and Rights of Ownership A woman reads in a Borders book store on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 in New York.
  • New Report Shows Rise in Religious Book Sales
  • Israel Displays Rare Religious Manuscript
  • The BJP and Muslims: The twain can meet by Sudheendra Kulkarni
  • Common Ground Between Islam and Buddhism: Spiritual and Ethical Affinities, Reza Shah-Kazemi
  • The Founding Fathers and Islam: Library Papers Show Early Tolerance for Muslim Faith,By JAMES H. HUTSON, The Library of Congress, Information Bulletin, May 2002
    With more than 55 million items, the Library's Manuscript Division contains the papers of 23 presidents, from George Washington to Calvin Coolidge. In this article, Manuscript Division Chief James Hutson draws upon the papers of Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other primary documents to discuss the relationship of Islam to the new nation. ["Interesting to learn "The expressions of tolerence. " which dwindles now!" said: (late) Syed Aslam, Mysore.]
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