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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

British School Justified In Reprimanding Teacher Who Told Children Harry Potter Author Was A Witch -- Faithwise Review of the Week

A British employment tribunal has ruled a teaching assistant was not a victim of religious discrimination after her school gave her a hard time when she refused the reading of a Harry Potter book in class.
Sariya Allan, 47, was a teaching assistant at Durand Primary School in Stockwell, England. She gave a seven-year-old student a book to read but the student found it too easy and picked up a Harry Potter book. Continue reading @ The Witches' Voice Inc.

  • Vegetarians demand meat-free malls
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Malls are currently doing a balancing act between consumer sentiments and making profits. Saturday , July 07, 2007 IBNLive
    Mumbai: You’ve heard of niche marketing, but this could be new. Vegetarians in Mumbai are now demanding meat-free mall...

    This is the latest battle between vegetarians and non-vegetarians in Mumbai. Pro-vegetarian groups like the Maharashtra Gopalan Samiti have launched a campaign against malls selling non-vegetarian items. continue reading

  • Religious diversity: Can we talk? By Stephen V. Sundborg, Special to The Times
    The second obstacle to engaging one another within our religious diversity is that most of what separates us from one another is not belief or religious practice, but the cloud of culture all religions create around themselves. There is a Catholic culture, a Protestant culture, an Anglican culture, a Jewish culture, a Muslim culture. All religions create these thick cultures from ritual, customs and tradition. They are not the religion; they are its cloud, its skirt, its exterior, not its interior.
  • Week Of Prayer Coincides With Increase In Rain @ The Witches' Voice Inc.
  • Stepney Salvation Army join Multifaith Rejection of Terrorism, ChristianToday, UK - 7 Jul 2007
  • Resource book for multifaith work prepared, Vancouver, BC,
    The diocese's Multifaith and Ecumenical Unit has produced a Resource Book for Programmes of Interfaith Dialogue to help parishes and other groups interact with non-Christian faith communities in their localities.
  • College student educates others about Islamic beliefs
    Albany Times Union, NY - 7 Jul 2007
  • You are God's Piccolo, By Fr Adolf, Deccan Herald, Bangalore
    Think of yourself as a chip of stone in the hands of God the sculptor of your life. Think of yourself as the piccolo player in orchestra of God the great conductor. Don't be discouraged.
  • Welcome to the church of romantic love
    The search for a mystical 'baby' is replacing the search for God as the dominant religion of this century, Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun, July 07, 2007 see also: 07/07/07: A perfect date with destiny?
  • Mukesh Ambani pays 16 lakh to Wakf board, gets NOC
    Mumbai: Mukesh Ambani’s Rs 100-crore dream home plan, said to be the world’s most expensive city mansion, may now realise after remaining in a land-transfer controversy.
    The Maharashtra Waqf Board has issued a no-objection certificate for the deal after receiving a payment of Rs 16 lakh from Ambani. However, the clearance from the Wakf Borad has now sparked fresh controversy. HOOK OR BY CROOK: Mukesh Ambani paid Rs 16 lakh to get a NOC for his multi-storeyed mansion in Mumbai
  • State to pay pujas in old temples Deccan Chronicle on the web
    Hyderabad, July 9: To prevent the possibility of religious conversions at the village level, the endowments department has decided to revive pujas and rituals in all old temples. As a first step, the department would extend financial support to 4,000 temples out of 32,000 in the State. It will give Rs 1000 for pujas and Rs 1,500 as honorarium to priests.

    The Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams will allot grants for the effective implementation of the scheme. It is expected benefit archakas who have been demanding salaries for the several years on par with priests of 21 big temples. According to the guidelines issued by the department, temples which require grants should be listed in Section 6 of the Endowments Act. The temples should have been constructed at least 25 years ago and should not have an income of more than Rs 30,000 per year. Committees running the temples have been asked to apply before July 18.

    District level committees appointed by the government will verify the physical condition of the temples before issuing the grants. Officials expect that regular spiritual activity in the villages will prevent people from converting to faiths other than Hinduism. According to them, people are being attracted towards other faiths since there is nobody to explain the culture and traditions of Hinduism. "Temples play a vital role in preserving our heritage and culture. They will also inculcate unity among the people. So we have decided to extend financial support to all temples in a phased manner," said endowments commissioner P. Sundara Kumar.
  • Purposeful site, By KAREN HEINSELMAN, Courier Staff Writer David Kupka, left, and Dan Feehan make adjustments on the sound board on a Sunday morning at Cedar Valley Community Church.  <br />BRANDON POLLOCK / Courier Photo Editor
    WATERLOO --- About seven years ago, Emily Sullivan and her family were preparing to move from Ann Arbor, Mich., to Northeast Iowa. To familiarize herself with the area, she researched her future hometown online.
    One of the family's priorities was a place to worship.
    "I was trying to find out what church we might want to visit," Sullivan said.
    She found a church Web site that, by her definition, was fairly basic at the time. But Sullivan also discovered what she was looking for: information about women's groups and children's programming. Both ministries are important to her family.
  • Govt turns to Wiccan queen to save girls, Jul 2, 2007, By Bappa Majumdar
  • Nikah online? Acceptable, says Darul Uloom
    11 Jul, 2007 l 0016 hrs ISTlManjari Mishra/TNN - The Times of India
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