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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yoga instructor brings teaching to Ontario prison - Faithwise Review of the Week

Mark Fry taught yoga last week to men at the St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre. (Nicole Tomlinson, Tomlinson, News, Aug. 25 2007
A week and a half ago, Mark Fry ventured, heart racing, into a prison common room full of inmates -- and no guards.
Fry shows the triangle pose: 'A lot of them said that was the hardest thing they'd ever done, but they were happy they got through it because they felt so great.' (Nicole Tomlinson,
The Art of Living yoga instructor was greeted by the sight of 21 men sitting on the concrete floor of the St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre in Brockville, Ont.

The residents were poised on bedding they carried in from their cells. Yoga mats, Fry said, are hard to come by in prison.

"The inmates washed and swept the floor, and set the whole room up," Fry said. "Then they all brought their sheets in, and were just sitting there."

Prison nurses, who Fry said laughed at the program, looked into the room through a bubbled window, wondering how the "kooky" encounter would play out. continue reading

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