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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Solomon had left the building by Jim Coyle

... All of which suggests the board should probably purchase The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Bible, which says that "most people admit that when it comes to knowing what's between those covers, their comprehension is, well, holey."

So, as a public service, we offer the following handy test.

A notorious tree in the Garden of Eden bore: a) pomegranates b) kiwis c) papaya d) forbidden fruit.

Christ cast the money-changers out of the: a) Wal-Mart b) casino c) payday loan outlet d) temple.

The Tower of Babel was: a) the original Question Period b) the ancient world's tallest free-standing structure c) the birthplace of Don Cherry d) a multilingual construction project gone bad.

Christ fed multitudes with: a) lox and bagels b) super-sized fries c) curry takeout d) loaves and fishes.

Which of the following do not belong: a) The Good Samaritan b) The Sermon on the Mount c) The Raising of Lazarus d) George Bush.

Who called the Bible the source of "practically every good title you ever heard"? a) ABBA b) Madonna c) Liberace d) Hemingway.

extract from: Solomon had left the building - Toronto Star Jan 24, 2008 Jim Coyle

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