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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Google struggles with religious sensitivity

"Google results offend Christians, but if you search for “Islam is” Google will give you no search suggestions.
It wasn’t long ago experts claimed that we were entering the age of secularization. Instead the headlines of the new century have become dominated by religious fervor, not at least because of the rise of Muslim militants and 9/11." continue reading @ Pandia Search Engine News

See also:
  • Google favouring Islam? Matthew Moore, Expressbuzz, 11 Jan 2010
    Google has denied favouring Islam over other religions in its suggested searches, after allegations that phrases criticising the faith had been censored.
  • Google 'censors its website so anti-Islam  searches fail to appear   Daily Mail   Neil Millard

  • Google suggests Islam is nothing

  • "The metaphysics of search, The Register, 11th January 2010

    Google's search Suggest function treats Islam a bit differently from the other major religions of the world. It's willing to suggest "Christianity is bullshit" or "Judaism is false," but if you begin to ask what Islam is, it won't suggest a thing..."

  • Is Google Censoring Islam Suggestions? Wired News

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