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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hacking Religious Websites -- Media Update

This post is continuously updated. Last update on March 4th, 2012.

  • Anonymous Declares War On Religion, Attacks Church Sites
    Calls religion a sickness to this world, By Zach Walton, Web Pro News and International Business Times
    Anonymous attacks a lot of things that they find wrong with the world: corporations, governments and other groups that they feel threaten the freedom of the people. On Friday, they attacked what may be their most controversial target yet – religion.

    The AnonymousIRC Twitter account announced on Friday three attacks so far on major church Web sites. These aren’t just regular attacks, however, as they have also defaced the Web sites with anti-religion rhetoric and even a video featuring Richard Dawkins set to auto-play so visitors are forced to see it.
    Three Web sites that have been attacked so far are Bethel Outreach International Church, the Charlotte International Church, and Crossfire Ministries. All three religious organizations are based in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. /
  • Does Anonymous’s Friday Routine Make Hacking Seem Dull? By Joe Coscarelli N Y Times magazine
  • Anatomy of an Anonymous hack attack NICOLE PERLROTH and JOHN MARKOFF, Sydney Morning Herald
    SAN FRANCISCO: The elusive hacker movement known as Anonymous has carried out internet attacks on well-known organisations like Sony and PBS. In August, the group went after its most prominent target yet: the Vatican.
  • Calgary street preacher claims church website attacked by Anonymous hacktivists
    Posted by Emily Leedham, OpenFile
  • In Attack on Vatican Web Site, a Glimpse of Hackers' Tactics‎, New York Times,
    "What set this attack apart from others is it had a clear timeline and evolution," said Amichai Shulman, Imperva's technology chief.

  • Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack‎, Information Week

  • Westboro Baptist Church websites attacked and shut down
    That both The Jester and Anonymous attacked Anit-Gay Westboro Baptist Church websites ( this week represents a very strange convergence, and the prospect that two highly active hacktivist camps might find more common ground is tantalizing to say the least...
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