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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Faith-based news headlines of the week

  • COURTS: Sikh priests raped prostitute after she turned down sex demands  VANCOUVER DESI -- Two Sikh holy men face lengthy jail terms after being convicted of raping a prostitute in Glasgow, Scotland, reports a story in the U.K.’s Daily Record.
  • Aga Khan’s eldest son Prince Rahim to marry Seattle fashion model (with gallery) VANCOUVER DESI
  • Angry mob undresses woman and rip her clothing after she dressed provocatively, Your Jewish
  • Rabbi bans Orthodox Jewish men from taking blood donated by women, non Orthodox Jews, non Jews, Your Jewish
  • Abbotsford Hindu temple priest guilty of sex crimes on teen girls in his congregation VANCOUVER DESI
  • Narrative on Modi that will annoy supporters, detractors (Book Review) --READ: Kingshuk Nag's
  • APCO NaMo Namah: The Truth Behind Narendra Modi's ...
  • Interfaith Trialogue brings together the three Abrahamic faiths — Judaism, Islam and Christianity Richmond, VA. -area groups unite for conversation series, May 4, 2013 Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Multifaith has a place for everyone, BY TK BARGER, 5/3/2013 BLADE RELIGION EDITOR (Toledo, OH)  
  •  Church plans breast scans, Suffolk News-Herald -- Grove is America's only faith-based organization to be a flagship sponsor of the American Cancer Society, according to Marriner, and has raised more than 
  • Buddhist remains worshipped in Siva temples in Krishna district, The Hindu -- Remains of Buddhist sculptures are still being worshipped as Lord Siva in all the major temples within the radius of 10 km of Nidumolu village in Movva mandal
  • Islamic Culture And The Challenge Of Buddhist Fundamentalism, Sunday Leader -- -- In Sri Lanka, Bodu Bala Sena ('the army of Buddhist power') – the newest and crudest version of Sinhala nationalism – is up against Sri Lankan Muslims. ... Extract: When I heard about the Boston explosions I had many hopes. First, I hoped that my teacher, who is at Harvard, was safe. Second, I hoped no one was killed. Third, I hoped there was no any Muslim connection to the explosion. Finally, I hoped Boston, one of my favourite American cities, liberal, leftwing, cosmopolitan and intellectually bent, was not disrupted by any fundamentalist attacks, internal or external. I found out soon enough that my teacher was safe. Sadly, some people died, including an eight-year old boy – someone from my son’s generation. America has its own fundamentalists.
  • Sanctioning Redemption (Muslims in Burma and the killings) Brown Political Review
  • Burma Muslim Face Uncertain Future After Attacks, Time 

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