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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Faith-based food issues in the news headlines

Here is some information about many faiths, and includes Buddhist, Jain, Hindu (Vegetarian), Muslim (Halal), Jewish (Kosher), food (meals, diet, snacks) etc.

Meals for followers of certain religions (info courtesy:

Lenten meals
including vegetables, fruits, nuts, porridges, mushrooms, excluding meat, fish and dairy products
Islamic meals
without pork, gelatin and alcohol
Hindu meals
without beef, veal and pork, prepared very spicy
Kosher meals meals
prepared according to strict Jewish rules

Vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals
purely vegetarian meals, excluding meat, fish, milk and eggs
Asia/Vegetarian meals
excluding meat and fish, limited use of dairy products

General news (included Vegetarian):

Muslim (Halal) 

Kosher (Jewish)

On the same shelf:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Read the Saudi Gazette story "as Halal as it gets"...... Whats diffentre anyway?? Heard by friend at Russel market Chicken stall ' Ray suver, murgi ko pani pilaa rey BismillahAllah hu Akbar (the boy just dips its head into de- feathering drum of Boiling water and takes out, faster than lightening and from start of 'ray suver..' to knife sliting the throat of chicken took less time than it takes to READ what I've written) "As Halal as it gets......

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