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Sunday, March 02, 2014

BUSINESS: The game changer in the global fight for religious freedom, plus weekly faithwise roundup

Weekly roundup:

  • Changing the World: Inspiring Award-Winning Documentaries 
  • Four  Myths About Prayer : Myth #1: God Is Up There, I'm Down Here; Myth #2: Pray More To Get A Response; Myth #3: Believe The Most, Get The Most; Myth #4: God Only Hears Christians
  • Everyday (or 365 Days) HolyBook Reading Charts [e.g., Quran Memorisation Charts; The Qur'an 365 Selections for Daily Reading; Bhagavad Gita: Daily Message; Daily Bible Reading Chart For One Year; Annual Torah Portion Reading Schedule] includes charts/schedule for a few major faiths (i.e., Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Bhai)
  • Dan Goleman: Author, 'Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence' writes about   What Mindfulness Is -- And Isn't
    "Mindfulness" refers to that move where you notice your mind wandered. With mindfulness you monitor whatever goes on within the mind. "Meditation" means the whole class of ways to train attention, mindfulness among them. continue reading  What Mindfulness Is -- And Isn't
  • Religious liberty vs. civil rights: A balancing act 
  • Fifa lifts ban on head covers  BBC 
  • List Is Ending After Seven Years, Aamir Hussain
  • Canadian Muslims need new narrative Toronto Star 
  • Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice in America | Gates of Vienna
  • How Stephen Harper divides and conquers our many minorities: Siddiqui, Toronto Star : Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is governing more for his Conservative party than for Canada.
  • Rape Culture and Spiritual Violence: Religion, Testimony and Visions of Healing (Religion and Violence) by Gina Messina-Dysert  ISBN: 1844657884;  Acumen Publishing (March 27, 2014)
  • Why Newsweek Will No Longer Publish A 'Top 50 Rabbis' List -- Newsweek's 'Top 50 Rabbis'
  • Listed criteria for the rabbis recognized included:
    Are they innovative leaders—communally and/or spiritually?
    Are they considered leaders in Judaism in general or their denominations in particular?
    How large are their constituencies?
    Have they made an impact on Judaism?
    Have they made an impact beyond the Jewish community?
    Are they known nationally/internationally?
    Do they have political/social influence?
    Do they have a media presence?

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