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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Ways the Internet Has Been Trying to Kill Religion, Plus Weekly faithwise roundup

  • 5 Ways the Internet Has Been Trying to Kill Religion
    1. Bad proofs that God exists
    2. Bad proofs that God does exist that are supposed to be good
    3. Search-engine cop-out
    4. Download your brain to a computer
    5. Play a game instead
  • A surprising map of the world's most and least religiously diverse countries by Max Fisher ! FOLLOW VOX!

  • The US is not as diverse as you might think; East Asia is the world's most religiously diverse region; Africa has lots of diversity along the Christian-Muslim divide; The Middle East is extremely homogenous — with key exceptions

  • Mike Ghouse A Muslim Pluralist Celebrates Easter 2014
  • Fostering social compassion at Easter and beyond Jakarta Post
  • Kirpans to be Accommodated at Canadian Missions Around the World, Source: Info@WorldSikh.Org 
  • Humor: This Guy Proves It’s Crazy to Be Atheist With One Simple and Hilarious Question : Christian comedian Brad Stine pokes fun at one of the most widely heard defenses against belief in God … and totally kills it! 
  • Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture : Editorial Taking on Religion’s Shadow Side by Paul Chaffee, The Interfaith Observer (TIO) 
  • Hollywood tries to win Christians' faith
  • Meet God, the Kremlin and Tilda Swinton, Some of the funniest parody accounts on the internet BBC 
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