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Monday, November 27, 2006

Is There A Biblical Case For Voluntary Human Shields? - Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Is There A Biblical Case For Voluntary Human Shields? by Correspondent Beverly Darling, Mon 27 Nov 2006
    Extract: Perhaps the greatest example of a voluntary human shield was Jesus and his revolutionary act of civilly disobeying the violent political and religious structures of the Roman Empire, and nonviolently attacking Rome’s executive powers by being executed (no pun intended) on the cross. In this act, he unmasked the aggressive and hateful ideologies that were common and utilized by the current authorities of the religious and state powers: redemptive violence and salvation through war. Unfortunately, they are still used today.
  • Clergy as Wounded Symbol, by Rabbi Susan Grossman, Virtual Talmud @
    I agree wholeheartedly with Rabbi Waxman that clergy, of any faith, must be careful to see themselves, and allow themselves to be seen, as real human beings with human weaknesses and flaws. As Henri Nouwen so eloquently writes in his book, "The Wounded Healer," this ability to identify others’ suffering with the suffering in our own hearts, rather than maintain a role of aloofness, is a prerequisite for true ministering to the needy.
  • Religious Relic Crusader Battles Online Auction Giant @
    Hardly an hour goes by without Thomas Serafin or one of his cyber-sleuths checking what eBay has to offer.
  • Circle healing: Strength of spirit, Toronto Star Nov. 26, 2006, MARIE WADDEN, ATKINSON FELLOW
    Extract: Circles are sacred shapes for the Anishnawbe people. In Hollow Water, circles of people are used to heal the scars of sexual abuse, which once threatened to engulf the community of 950. Their solution to this most heinous crime has been both successful and scorned: Embrace the abuser. In their world of justice, jails are a last resort.
  • Israeli Supreme Court Approves Overseas Gay Marriages, By Rachel Pomerance
    Religion News Service,
  • Clash with Hasidim easily resolvable, Multiculturalism accommodates all within the rule of law, says Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star Nov. 19, 2006
  • Fans claim God behind South Africa’s early batting collapse Monday November 27 2006
  • Saddam's Palakkad link, [in Kerala, South India] T S SREENIVASA RAGHAVAN, [ 26 Nov, 2006 0250hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
    I’m praying for his welfare. Daily, I do archana in his name at the Shiva temple here. I’m certain he will come out unscathed,” Nair says, throwing his hands towards the heavens. [see also other stories about this store @ Google]
  • India sees God as creator, not controller, Sunday, 26 November , 2006, 21:48
  • good religion, bad religion @ Faith Commons
  • The Great Story, Submitted by Richard Blumberg, @ Faith Commons
    “[It] is a way of telling the history of everyone and everything that honors and embraces all religious traditions and creation stories.
  • Controversy dogs Britain's first state-funded Hindu school
  • Christians dig deep for graveyard plot
    India's Christians are running out of space to bury their dead, leading some to pay small fortunes to book their final resting place in a relative's grave.

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