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Sunday, May 28, 2006 Web Analytics Series no.2

What is Web Analytics? Don't know, read Tamar's Analytics on the Cheap
What? Can God be with a dot? You don't think so, I suppose.
Visit and see how many people have opted for similar dots. I reproduce below the results of a search at domainsearch site: is registered is registered is registered is registered is registered

WHOIS database of Nameview, Inc. tells you who owns each of these sites.
In (A.K.A. way back machine) you can see the history of a Web site, such as

The bottom line: Who first published and publicized this name, i.e.,
Don't know?
The answer is Time Magazine. Time, synchornized (with the help of multimedia, graphics and text) to visualize the emergence of a Multifaith Cyberspace. It aimed at exploration of religion on the Web, featuring reporting, interviews, and sound (pleaase note: this site requires Shockwave)
The description about the Time's site is at another site-- Blackboard Scholar:
Spirit is indivisible from matter, Aristotle observed, and the advent of the Internet has only intensified the connection. This portal site, organized by Time magazine, presents itself as a successor to cuneiform, the printing press and radio as a method of observing and conveying spiritual interests "in a temple without bounds." For instance, there is a link to electronic prayer, through which you can e-mail a message to be posted at the Western Wall. This is a broad-brush interfaith sampler of information for whatever path you may be interested in, from the Church of Cyberspace to Allah Online. The site also provides a small, related-resources directory that includes Catholic- and Jewish-oriented popup information windows (avoid the dead sites).

We now come back to the discussion about the domain, viz.,
An attempt is made here to highlight the Web analytics (i.e., analysis of a Web site).
  • Visual images of the Web site,, at Google
  • Most recent activity of the Web site,, analyzed by
  • Google Showing web page information for

    I will be adding some more content on this Web site analytics, asap.

    My purpose, here is, also, to share a story, which I found on another blog, with a title, Incidentally, the title of the blog's article is, but in the text and context there is NONE of the Above that relates to the domain name A catchy title, and that's it.
    Nevertheless, I quote:
    ...The website located at aims to be a "nationwide online community of preachers committed to speaking prophetically on social justice issues." There are approximately 100 current members paying $100 membership a year.
    This is a great example of technology transforming work that is normally thought of as solitary into a collaborative, group effort, enabling not only clergy to form a community and benefit from each other's ideas and expertise but, through the communication among spriritual leaders to, hopefully, build bonds among religious communities and spur people to action.

    In case you have not heard about cyber worship, online relgion, and religion online --that contextualizes all the above themes-- read from my other blog article: Cyber Worship - Look & Feel
    Also Read Web Analytics Series no.1

    P.S. Thank you Beth Simone Noveck for inspiring me to write this article; But Beth is not alone, there is another blog, that dwells on and is worth citing here.

    DISCLAIMER: All of the above is the effort of an individual. No institution or agency supports this project. The information is collected, it is hoped, to build bridges in the society.
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