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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

God, sex and the call centres

News Updated: Oct 26, 2006
Are BPOs 'dens of sin'? Chandna Arora [ 26 Oct, 2006 0305hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

Pastors going undercover to ‘save the souls’ in BPOs, call centres being termed as ‘dens of sin’... why are BPOs stuck with this undeserved negative profiling?

Blame it on graveyard shifts or people barely out of their teens earning handsomely, but the negative branding of call centres, recently termed as 'dens of sin' in an international publication, refuses to go away.

And lately, when a pastor revealed that he went 'undercover' in a Bangalore BPO to save youngsters' morals, the situation just got worse.

Reviled for everything from casual sex, drug addiction and wild partying, the sector has been living with negative branding for long.

DT explores how the sector, which is minting billions for India and giving jobs to lakhs of youngsters, is stuck with this profile...

The Times of India Online
India God, sex and the BPOs
Manu Joseph, [ 23 Oct, 2006 0058hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

BANGALORE: Across the country, good Christians are consoled by the belief that Jesus Christ is present in the call centres, and are disturbed by the fear that he might be the only unmarried virgin out there. U

(U)nable to bear the tales emerging from Indian outsourcing's famous night shift, of condoms clogging toilets, live-in relationships, drugs and other joys condemned in the Old Testament, men who call themselves shepherds are offering to show one road that everybody points to the young the right path.

Christian evangelical groups are asking the youth to carry chastity cards that say, "I commit before god to save the gift of my sexuality from now until marriage, regardless of my past." Catholic priests are cautioning parents about the moral perils of the profession.

Spiritual counsellors are seeking out lovers and asking them not to get physical. And they are also telling homosexuals that they must be mentally ill. Scores of evangelical Christians have even infiltrated call centres in the guise of regular workers to keep an eye on the youth.

In a country where parents believe that their daughters can be despoiled only after sunset, it was inevitable that the arrival of nocturnal call centres would bring in fears of wards gone astray.

The Christian concern is birthed in the fact that a growing number of its youth is entering call centres. The Indian outsourcing industry, where call centres occupy the lower rungs today, employs about 400,000, with an average starting salary of over Rs 10,000. Full Story click here

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