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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Women in Religion in the 21st Century - Faithwise Review of the Week

Conference on Women in Religion in the 21st Century
Commemorating, Celebrating, and Continuing Their Legacy
Tuesday, 10/17/06 – Thursday, 10/19/06

And, a concern about the overall outlook of this conference:

Why doesn't 'Interfaith' include Goddess?, Judith Laura @ Medusa Coils
Though I’m going to point the finger at one organization in particular in this post, let me be clear that this is not the only organization to claim it’s holding an interfaith, inter-religious, or ecumenical gathering while failing to include Goddess speakers. This situation has occurred before, and, unless we speak up clearly and continually, is likely to keep on happening. Often these situations occur with groups that project the image of being progressive and open-minded by including people from a variety of religions.

Technocrati Tags [courtesy, Medusa] :

  • Mabrouk to the Times, 11 October 2006, The Revealer © 2005
    Bridget Purcell: Mabrouk to the New York Times, which ran two pieces yesterday providing a rare glimpse of an apolitical Islam. The first, an international Quran recitation competition in Dubai drew 80 young men from around the world —- some as young as 10 years old —- to recite the Quran from memory. And in Brooklyn, an artist named Michael Rakowitz opened a shop selling dates, an indigenous Iraqi crop. Part business venture, part art installation, the shop's walls feature Iraqi flags and histories of the Iraqi date industry written in both English and Arabic. Continue reading

  • As Eye See It : 'We know what 'listening' means in the modern Anglican lexicon - by Andrew Carey, Posted by David Virtue on 2006/10/5
  • Defusing the clash of civilizations, Former mayor Bennett builds bridges between Islam and the West, By John Colson, October 7, 2006, Aspen Times Weekly
  • Bringing new readers to sacred Arabic text: Man's life work creates a new simplified alphabet to help reveal
    Qur'an to Muslims, Toronto Star, Oct. 11, 2006. STUART LAIDLAW, FAITH AND ETHICS REPORTER
    Black lettering is used for letters pronounced on their own — such as the P in Shop — and green for letters whose pronunciation is influenced by the letters that follow — such as the S in Shop. Silent letters are white with a black outline.

    Along the way, Khairulbashar developed a website, instructional CDs and workbooks for students and teachers to help pass along his work.

    The entire Qur'an is available on CD and can be downloaded for free from his website,, though donations are accepted.

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