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Friday, December 08, 2006

National Post: The Ghost of Kingston - Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Ghosts in Kington, Ontario? Watch the Post's Zoran Bozicevic video report to find out National Post Current Features
  • High court asked to rule on religious divorces, Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service, Monday, December 04, 2006
  • Botswana serpentine carvingcalled oldest religious artifact
    African find pushes rootsof religion back 30,000 years, Randy Boswell, CanWest News Service, Friday, December 01, 2006
  • Go ahead, just take one bite
    Resisting temptation takes willpower and glucose in your brain, say researchers Chris Zdeb, The Edmonton Journal, Holiday Guide 2006
  • Bikinis are OK on the beach, not in the streets, December 7, 2006
    DOHA, Qatar: It had to happen sometime. Though they are still free to compete in bikinis, female beach volleyball players at the Asian Games have been told to cover up following their matches out of deference to local customs.
  • Experiencing Templar Magick in the Labyrinth continue reading @ The Gates of Horn, Gateway to the Inner Realms @ Church of the Churchless
  • The changing face of faith
  • Tourists get ‘Ya Hala’ from Saudi religious police
  • Houston suburb objects to mosque plans RASHA MADKOUR
  • Non-EU Citizen of the Year: Tariq RAMADAN
  • Airport puts away holiday trees rather than risk being "exclusive"
    By Jonathan Martin, Seattle Times staff reporter, December 10, 2006
  • Don't wear revealing clothes in India Times Internet Limited. 10 Dec, 2006
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