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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Visible Pathfinder for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2007

The wise learn from their own experiences but the truly intelligent will learn from someone else's!" - Benjamin Franklin.

My 2007 resolution for return-on-investments in blogging is to have a two-way traffic. The prescription is, please:
1. post a comment--aka, visual signature--in this blog on whatever subject (spam and phishing EXEMPTED)
2. turn on your blog comments' button; I will reciprocate not once, but every post that you create in 2007. This is my own idea of live and let live. I do reciprocate; my 2006 ledger shows Bloggers, such as, Sukhdev Singh, K. G. Schneider, Nancy White, Nirmala Palaniappan, David Tebbutt, Peachy Limpin, Thomas Brevik, Steven Edward Streight, Neil Patel, Diane Levin, and more.

PUNCHLINE: Increasing Blog traffic is a major concern, even for many Gurus [e.g., Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes' Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days]
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    Idea courtesy: Bloggers Compose Their Yearly Ledgers, By Jeralyn; and How to Pay for Blog Comments, @ usability blog of John S. Rhodes; So what'd you get? by Ryan Block

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    Nimmy said...

    Thank you MT! :)
    Here's wishing you happy holidays and a great new year as well! Looking forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas for years to come...

    steven edward streight said...

    I just love your attitude, your compassion, your enthusiasm.

    English as Second Language people are re-inventing English language, like accidental poetry.

    I love your new expressions "visual signature" and all that.

    Reciprocal commenting is indeed the royal road to increased traffic and comments at your own blog.

    It's what makes a blog different from a boring "brochureware" static web site.

    Mohamed Taher said...

    Hi Nimmi and Steve
    I am happy that my buddys are continuing their support.
    Thank you and wish you peace, health and lots of luck.

    Saty said...

    Keep up the good work and continue to share with us so much that we so desperately need to know. What would we do without superactive cybrarians like you.
    Season's greetings. Have a wonderful 2007.

    Saty said...

    Keep up the good work and please continue to share with all of us so much that we so desperately need to know. What would all of us do without a cybrarian like you!
    Have a wonderful 2007!

    Mohamed Taher said...

    Thanks Dr. Satyanaryana
    Your words assure me that I must continue my whirling to gather the scattered bits of information.

    Anonymous said...

    There are two paths avialable to you. One is to work hard at increasing traffic, and in that way you have at least caught my attention enough to post, and the other is to accept that traffic may be slow but that if you have something interesting enough to say people will find it and use it. I use to blog and get upset that no one seemed to be reading, then I lost heart and stopped, and out of the blue my blog was suddenly being listed in all sorts of places. I still haven't gone back to it, it's really a stand alone subject and finished as such, but it's ok, sometimes someone finds something useful in it.

    Anonymous said...

    In any group of people there will be personality incompatibilities. A lot of the time these can be minimised with a good leader. Problem is that most leader tend more towards ambition rather than people skills. A leader with people skills can ease all the externals such a new technology, but it takes an exceptional leader to handle the personalities in a group.

    Kathleen said...

    Brilliant idea. How will you be able to comment on so many posts though?! An interesting challenge for sure, good luck!


    Mohamed Taher said...

    Hi Kathleen
    Thanks for the encouragement and support for my blogging spree.
    You rightly say, it is a hard resolution to respond to every one.
    But, see it is so simple to click and click. I am already here, before your wink.
    And, I agree with you, I have undertaken a mssion that is “project imppossible” but goals: “project possible”
    Pray for my success with God Speed.
    Best, MT

    Mohamed Taher said...

    Thank you dear anonymous bloggers.
    Your suggestions are valid and valuable. I am grateful for this kindness.
    I wish you had signed with your blog address for me respond with my visual signature (and I mean, my 2 cents' comments).
    At least now e-mail me your contact info. [ mt 2222 @ yahoo dot com ]; I will be happy to look for more suggestions and thereby develop my blogging skills.
    Best of Luck for your generous stop by, anyways.

    Mohamed Taher said...

    As usuaal, I see your is another thought provoking post.
    I think you must have noticed there are studies being done on this emerging social dimension, including one by PEW.

    Mohamed Taher said...

    I am surprised that my comments have not shown up in your blog (with no clue, whether my comment went thro or were lost in transit!!!). This is my second tragic experience, today.

    Hence I am simply posting the comment here (with a hope that you can post it yourself):
    This title, 'More Mistakes,' reminds me what Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India said (forgive my mistake of not quoting her actual words, I am conveying the message here): only those who work commit mistakes--and this implies that you are very very productive person. So you can continue with much more....
    I googled for the 'mistake' quote, but instead found something else. And, would like to share this with you:
    "My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there." ~quotations on Integrity by Indira Gandhi
    All the best, Mohamed

    Mohamed Taher said...

    Hi Steve:
    I am regularly visiting your blogs, and many comments of mine have not appeared. Any reason? I am shocked--because this is recurring. This is unusual, at least with those who care and show concern.

    Recently, I have been reading almost all your posts, and to keep up my word, I left my comments: a) 14 Web Credibility Destroyers, and b) blogs are revolutionary, (past is has been just the same).

    Pl. check, in case there is a problem, let me know.
    Best, MT

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