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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Inspiration on the Go - Faithwise Review of the Week

Morning Practice: Spreading Goodness at the Station
Did you know that goodness spreads? In this video, a train announcer brightens commuters' mornings with silly, inspiring messages. He believes that most people are good, they just need someone to remind them.

  • Faith-based Schools Must Get Public Funding by By Kanayalal Raina
    The Catholic system has existed in this province for decades. It has proven very successful at producing hardworking, productive, and responsible Ontario citizens. Faith-based schools are for the minority who wish their children to be literate in their religion and culture, and able to pass it on to future generations. It is fine in theory to talk about how young children should be educated together so they will be able to share their different cultures with each other, but in reality a young child starting school does not have the cultural literacy yet established to have much to share. Continue reading

  • Mother Teresa: My Saint of Darkness and Hope

  • Honk If You Love Church Signs

  • Hindus Urged To Train New Generation Of Dharmic Leaders

  • Multiculturalism? Canada Should Take A Page From India by By Gauri d'Gama Rose

  • Knowledge as Path to Truth by Dr. Col.(Reted) K. Prabhakar rao

  • Faith Binds Society Together and Powers Civilization's Development by Bill

  • 10 Ways to Bring Your Whole Self to Work     Click Here to View the Gallery
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