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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To Muslims, Ram is their Imam-e-Hind

[PS. the idea of Imam-e-hind or the leader of India, is based on the poem of Sir Muhammad Iqbal, a poet philosopher of India and Pakistan, ]

To Muslims, Ram is their Imam-e-Hind [read in hindustantimes]

Rama Setu: peoples’ anger @ Hinducivilization
Study of dharma and traditions of over one billion people, hindu.

Rama, a Muslim perspective @ FoundationforPluralism [quote] on Behalf of all Muslims who believe in reason and sanity, I declare that the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) affidavit (since withdrawn) questioning the existence of Hindu god Ram was vitriolic, scathing, unfortunate and blasphemous - not just to Hindus but to all those who cherish our pluralistic cultural heritage. How can a government decide the veracity of a figure like Ram? -- He Ram ke wajood pe Hindostan ko naaz/Ahl-e-nazar samajhtey hein usko Imam-e-Hind! Iqbal, the poet of the East, has written a wonderful and moving poem on the authenticity of the existence of Ram. Logic and science have their say but not in matters of faith. In a nation where religion percolates to all levels of culture, secularism and modernity, themes like Ram, Mohammed, Mary and Moses are all interwoven within the existence of the people. A denial can drive people into a frenzy."

A lifelong affair: In love with love by nida Fazil [quote:] Iqbal called Lord Ram as Imam-e-Hind, adding, "Ye Sheikh o Brahmin hume acche nahin lagte, hum jitne hain ye itne bhi sacche nahin lagte". [end quote]

Thespian Dilip Kumar on Gujarat and the Divisive Politics of Hate: “My Heart Is Lacerated” Firoz Bakht Ahmed had the following interview with veteran actor Dilip Kumar. [Quote:] India is a land of Ram and of Allah. Iqbal once said about Ra: Hai Ram ke wajood pe Hindustan ko naaz/ Ahle nazar samajhte hein us ko Imam-e-Hind. Why should the followers of Ram and Allah be bloodthirsty? [end quote]

Muslims & Mainstream by Asghar Ali Engineer [quote] "It is wrong to say the Muslims refuse to respect Hindu gods such as Ram and Krishna. It amounts to saying all Indian Muslims conform to this behaviour. It is again homogenising the entire community. At best, it is only one trend among many. There are thousands of Muslims who deeply revere them.
The Sufis, of course, had an outlook different from that of the theologians. Mazhar Jani Janan, an eminent 18th century Sufi saint, was of the view that since Allah promised to send His prophets to all the peoples of the world for religious guidance (for every people, there is a religious guide) how could He forget the Indians? And since Indians highly revered Ram and Krishna, they must be His Prophets.
A 20th century Sufi Khwaja Hasan Nizami wrote that Ram and Krishna were the prophets of Allah. Hasrat Mohani, Urdu poet and freedom-fighter who gave a call for complete freedom in 1921 itself and rejected the concept of Home Rule, was a great admirer of Lord Krishna. He performed Haj every year and also visited Brindavan on the occasion of Janmashtami regularly. Some of the Farangi Mahli Ulema in Lucknow also held Lord Krishna in great respect. The Urdu poet Iqbal, described Lord Ram and Imam-e-Hind, i.e., revered religious leader of India."

Islam Is A Faith Like Any Other by Prof. Tahir Mahmood [quote] "In accordance with the Qur'anic exhortation that God sent His messengers to all parts of the globe only some of whom the Holy Book names, include among them Moses and Christ, Buddha and Mahavir, Ram and Krishna, and give them equal respect. The Holy Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita are, like the Torah and the Bible, covered by the Qur'anic concept of suhif-il-oula or earlier scriptures." see also: Lord Ram's existence is India's pride
Woh hadi-e-azeem woh Bharat ka rahnuma
Hai kaun jis ney naam na ho Ram ka suna
Ruhaaniyat ka taaj tha sar par dhara hua
Insaaniyat ka haar galey mein para hua
Lakhon labon pe aj bhi bas uska nam hai
Jo uska naam hai who sabhika salam hai

That great Spiritual Guide, the Leader of India
Who is there who hasn't heard Ram's name?
The crown of spirituality on his head he wore
Garland of humanism in his neck he adorned
On millions of lips is his name until this day
For people, his name remains a greeting way

Innervoice of Tahir Mahmood

  • This Ram devotee was born a Muslim
  • 1 comment:

    DR K Prabhakar Rao said...

    Dear friend,

    That was excellent indeed. Muslims in India too rever Ram and Krishna and fundamentalism can not be extended to all. Sadly it is the Indian governemnent comprising of maximum number of Hindus has filed the affidavit claimg that there was no Ram at all. It is nothing but blasphemy and theyetraced steps soon. The worst remarks have come from the DMK leader who is known to be anti Ram and leading the State where Rams bridge is existing. It is time the governemnt takes required actions to bring sanity to concerned people and show them their places.

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