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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dealing with Mosquitoes: A Faith-based Survey

Greengrass, recycling, and God: From here to there and back again: Humanity's journey from Eden to the Noosphere: Always seeking excellence, always finding (almost) the same. Catholic theologian, John R. Aurelio in his 1989 book Mosquitoes in Paradise: A new look at Genesis, Jesus, and the Meaning of Life (Crossroad, NY) hints at a slightly different interpretation of the story of Eden. NB. This is only a sample survey. Ask me for more faith-based resources.

The Sixth Day
A group of wise men gathered to discuss the work of God; they wanted to know why he had left it to the sixth day to create man.
"He thought about first organising the Universe well, so that we could have all the marvels available to us," said one of them.
"First of all He wanted to run some tests on animals, so that He would not make the same mistakes with us," argued another.
One wise Jew showed up at the meeting. They told him the theme of the discussion: "In your opinion, why did God leave it to the last day to create man?"
"Very simple," commented the wise man. "So that when we were moved by pride, we would remember that even a simple mosquito enjoyed priority in the work of the Divine."
How to live with others By Paulo Coelho, © Translated by James Mulholland

    "A mosquito by any name...
    The Spanish called them, "musketas,", the native Hispanic Americans "zancudos." "Musketas" is a Spanish word meaning "little fly" while "zancudos," means "long-legged." Scandanavians called them by a variety of names including "myg" and "myyga" while the Greeks called them "konopus." The use of the word "mosquito" is apparently of North American origin and dates back to about 1583. In Europe, mosquitoes were called "gnats" by the English, "Les moucherons" or "Les cousins" by French writers, and the Germans used the name "Stechmucken" or "Schnacke." In 300 BC, Aristotle referred to mosquitoes as "empis" in his Historia Animalium where he documented their life cycle."

    PUNCHLINE from an interview with Church Militant: Ann Coulter on God, Faith, and Liberals

  • Many arguments in favor of Darwinian evolution strike me as actually being arguments against the existence of God--that is, why would a creator create tapeworms, disease viruses, and other bad things? Why do you think such things exist in a world of intelligent design?

    Your question is incomprehensible. I assume you are trying to ask me: "Why would God create tapeworms?"

    My answer is: God also created mosquitoes, which I hate. But purple martins love mosquitoes and would probably all starve without them. It's kind of a “big picture” thing. Of course that doesn't explain why He created Michael Moore. For that, I have no explanation. My guess is that disease, pestilence, and Michael Moore are all perversions of the good that God created, a result of sin entering the world through Adam and Eve.
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