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Monday, August 05, 2013

Regarding Sammy Yatim in the Shades of Faith-based Perspectives

PS. Sammy (a shorter name or nickname of people named Samantha or Samuel or Sam or Sameth) in the West; and Sami in Arabic--e.g., a characteristic name of God, As-Sami, in the Quran meaning All-Hearing. Hence, Sammy Yatim may mean many things to many people of diverse faiths. Yatim in Arabic means orphan.
In short, Sammy Yatim, here refers to the boy who belonged to the Syrian Orthodox Church.

  • Sammy Yatim: Priest asks police to serve ‘compassionately’ as teen’s sister calls for action:
    Sammy Yatim’s weeping mother followed his body, hands raised, after a funeral at which the priest asked police to do their duty while “valuing life.”
    The Syriac Orthodox priest, Father Estephanos Issa, said the family does not blame the Toronto police for their son being “brutally attacked” as he held a “Swiss knife,” nor did they speak rage against the officer in the days after the shooting.
    “We have not come to seek revenge . . . They wanted to know the truth,” he said. “They surrender to the justice and they do trust that Canada is a land of justice, is a land of peace.”
    He spoke of Yatim as a dedicated student, athlete and musician — the son of a management consultant and a pediatrician who were respected in Syria and abroad. He liked to paint, play basketball and guitar. When Yatim moved from Aleppo four years ago, Issa said, friends carried him on their shoulders as he left for the airport. continue reading Toronto Star
  • Fatah: No place for race or religion in tragic Toronto shooting, Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah. By Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun  -- "The fact Sammy Yatim and his family have a Christian-Syrian heritage was of little consequence. For many, Sammy’s Arabic last name was a licence to depict him as a crazy Muslim."
  • Toronto police murder of teen Sammy Yatim provokes popular anger, World Socialist Web Site
  • Regarding Sammy Yatim, Troubling questions about the shooting of Sammy Yatim
  • Hold Judgment On Yatim Shooting, Says Police Trainer CBC
  • 'Let's be strong:' Sammy Yatim's sister urges mourners at funeral to to take action to prevent similar deaths, National Post
  • Sammy Yatim, teen killed on Toronto streetcar, honoured during funeral, CTV News
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