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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Search Terms to find Religious and Spiritual Resources on the Internet

Here is a suggestion to use presice search terms when searching the Web. For a complete list of terms and related web resources see: Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives by Mohamed Taher

From the above book, listed below are search terms (or keywords) for you to use when searching for resources about a specific religion / spiritual experience.

Mapping Alternative Traditions (aka New Age Religions/Spiritualities):
  •  Rituals, Magic, Spells, Meditating, Circle Casting, Invoking & Evoking…
Mapping Buddhism:
  • Prayer & Praise (Chanting, Samadhi Or Meditation)
  • Sacrament (Rituals)
  • Scripture (Dharma, Teaching, Three Baskets, Inspirational Devotions)
Mapping Islam:
  • Prayer (Salat, Dua, Ibadah, Rituals, Rites)
  • Praise (Darud, Qasida, Taarif, Salam, Naat, Vadhaif, Dhikr, Tasbeeh)
  • Scripture (Quran, Hadith, Inspirational literature)
  • Sacraments (Muqaddas, Mutabarrik, Tabarruk, Aathar)
Mapping Jainism:
  • Prayer (Prarthana, Puja, Seva)
  • Praise (Stuti)
  • Scripture (Shastra)
  • Sacrament (Prashad)
Mapping Judaism:
  • Prayer (Tefilah, rites, etc.)
  • Scripture (Hebrew Bible, Midras)
Mapping Sikhism:
  • Prayer (Ardas)
  • Praise (Salah / Sift)
  • Scripture (Bani)
  • Sacrements (Prasad)
Note: Some may ask: Why do we need to search or know what to search (terms, keywords, terminology, taxonomy, etc.)? It is because the Western terms or keywords for religious and spiritual experiences are different from the Eastern. In the Western usage the following are clear and don't confuse:
• liturgy / beads
• Gregorian chant
• plainsong or plainchant
• Gallican chant
• Christian hymnody
• hymn
• Exclusive psalmody
• Gospel [source:]
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