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Sunday, April 22, 2007

1st computerised Muslim graveyard in the making

Indian Muslim Mumbai, April 17 ( The making of first computerised graveyard in the city is in its final stage. Once the Jama Masjid Trust goes online, Muslims will not have to go to the graveyard office to enquire about the details of some near and dear one(s) buried there; all the details will be only a click away, chairman of the Trust Ameen Antulay told the presspersons here Monday.

Jama Masjid Trust manages a big graveyard spread over 8.5 acres of land. Situated in the heart of the city near Marian Line Railway Station, the 180-year old graveyard has the facility of burying 11,000 dead bodies at a time.

At present the graveyard office holds the records of burials of about 60 years. Ameen Antulay said they are trying to computerise all the available documents. “We have already computerised the documents of last 30 years and it will be easily available to public,” he said.

He informed the presspersons that many persons visit the office everyday to enquire about the details of the burial of their relations as such information is necessary for getting death certificates issued from Mumbai Municipal Corporation or for any other purpose. The officials have to turn the pages of the record manually to provide the visitors with necessary details, and sometimes it appears rather difficult. But with this scientific invention this work will be done in a matter of minutes. The computerised information will include the name of the dead person, his complete address, date of burial, place of burial, grave No., names of heirs and/or the persons present at the time of burial, etc.

This graveyard was recently subjected to modernisation. Graves were made in order and numbered. Details of every dead person have been recorded. The modernisation included concretisation of roads in between the rows of graves, and installation of water tapes at different places in the graveyard.

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