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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Online church to feature on BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship -- Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Let us pray ... at St Pixels, the virtual church with bar and bouncy castle Martin Wainwright, Thursday April 12, 2007, The Guardian. Special reports, Religious Affairs
  • From another source: Online church St Pixels enters an exciting phase this Easter with the launch of a new church environment and a ground-breaking service for BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship.
    Although not yet in full 3D, St Pixels, a project supported by the Methodist Church, now has many features of the final version. Full story @ Inspire Magazine
  • Online Worshipers: Church is the People, Not the Pixels, By Lillian Kwon
    Christian Post Reporter, Apr. 02 2007
  • Web surfers flock to Godcast, Sophie Finnemore, March 26, 2007
    You've heard of iPod - now welcome to iGod. High-tech vicar Reverend Clay Nelson is taking his sermons virtual.

  • Muslim reunited with his Sikh family The Hindu, Staff Reporter, Apr 13, 2007
    A joyous reunion after 60 years: "We may belong to different religions but we are brothers"
    MIRANSAHIB: A Muslim brother was reunited with his Sikh family after 60 years on Thursday.

    Sheikh Aziz, a resident of Rawalakot town in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, was finally given permission to meet his Sikh family living in Miransahib, a border town on the periphery of Jammu city.
  • 'Let women be bishops' - Archbishop Barry Morgan, BBC News, 11 April 2007,
    The leader of the Anglican church in Wales has called for his church to allow women priests to become bishops. Full story
  • Meaningful meaningless meditation, Church of the Churchless
    More and more, I'm trying to make my meditation time as meaningless as possible. That's a change.
    I've been meditating, daily, for more than thirty-seven years. After being initiated in 1971 by an Indian guru, Charan Singh, I dutifully followed the meditative practice enjoined by Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Full article

  • Persecution strengthens our faith, says archbishop of Hyderabadby Nirmala Carvalho AsiaNews,INDIA, 04/12/2007
    Widespread and persistent suspicion surrounds Christians in Andhra Pradesh. Hindu extremists threaten and sometimes act out violently against them. Mgr Joii talks about the situation stressing how persecution strengthens believers’ faith and unity among themselves and with the Church.

    New Delhi (AsiaNews) – In Andhra Pradesh Christians are mistrusted and held under suspicion, frequently targeted for violence, charged with trying to convert Hindus. Speaking to AsiaNews, Mgr Marampudi Joji, archbishop of Hyderabad, talks about the difficult situation which leaves so many people in uncertainty and yet strengthens their understanding of the meaning of Easter.
    Full article
  • Hindu Outrage At Elizabeth Hurley, @
  • Coca-Cola protests Jesus scene in film, TV3 News, New Zealand - 8 Apr 2007
  • Winning their Hearts and Minds @ Sacred and Profane

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