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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Getting passion out of your profession

It is much-ado-about how to keep loving your living...come what may....

By COLLEEN CLARKE, 24 Hours Toronto [Winning in the Workplace], March 28, 2007 p. 18
"Do you remember how you reacted the first time you got "the call" telling you, you "got the job?" Whether it was your first job or the one you have now, waiting for that phone call was misery. When it came, you whooped and hollered and went out to celebrate.

Five years later, you are out drinking - not in celebration, but from lack of enthusiasm. What happened?

Nina Spencer, author and conference speaker of Nina Spencer and Associates in Toronto, shows us how to keep loving your living in her book, "Getting Passion Out of Your Profession."

Follow Nina's eight steps to empower yourself to grab your professional life and give it a fling.

1. Practice positive thinking. Listen to yourself, become conscious of all the negatives you communicate, "Is this a bad time?" Yikes, try, "Did I get you at a good time?" Never suggest a negative. "I can't do that until ..." becomes "I will be able to do this ... when ..." Positive talk and action begets positive outcomes.
2. Project personal self worth ...
3. Protect your sense of humour...
4. Play with perspective...
5. Profess purpose...
6. Preserve energy and enthusiasm....
7. Promise to persevere...
8. Perpetuate relationships. ..."
continue reading in 24 Hours Toronto

See also Nina Spencer's What comes first...the chicken or the egg...the job or the passion?

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