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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Multifaith Issues From Other Blogs - Update No. 6

What's making news:

  • Hey Ram! Mahatma Gandhi faces vandalism on Wikipedia:
    Mahatma Gandhi is in the company of God, Michael Jackson, William Shakespeare and Tony Blair - as well as comfort women and sex - in Wikipedia's list of semi-protected topics that have been repeatedly targeted in 'edit wars' or attacked by vandals on the popular online encyclopaedia. details USA News, 19th of June 2006 [Indo-Asian News Service], See Mahatma Gandhi in Wikipedia; in the Trivia Hall of Fame. See also: Gandhiji's Gujarat; Vandals target Mahatma Gandhi online, The Times of India [June 19, 2006 09:35:29 amIANS]

  • If Gandhi had Internet Access...
    DigitalDivideNetwork reports on a post by Taran Ramprasad about an Italian telephone company advertisement where Gandhi is depicted.
    Taran Rampersad posted a note to the digitaldivide list yesterday with a link to an award-winning commercial from Italy. It features Mahatma Gandhi giving a speech from a village hut in India. The twist is that the commercial envisions a world in which modern ICTs like the Internet and webcasting exist in the 1940s, and that the digital divide has been bridged. more details
    Thus spake Gandhi: “Indian culture is neither Hindu, nor Islamic, nor any other wholly…it is a fusion of all”. More on the diversity of the Nation, India

  • Faiths come together, Bristol University | News
    This Monday, 19 June will see the launch of the University of Bristol’s Multifaith Chaplaincy and Student Multifaith Forum. Both developments speak of excellent relations between all faith groups in a climate of respect and understanding. The launch is also an occasion to celebrate the diversity of religion and culture that is represented not only in the University but also in the city of Bristol.

  • 2006 Multifaith Youth Service Program (Multifaith Community Service Program),
    Muslims, Christians and Buddhists all working together for a common cause?
    It’s a reality with Building Bridges: A Multi-Faith Community Service Event, organized by the Religious Youth Service, Australian Islamic Council, Carmelite Monastery and Fo Guang Shan Temple.
    The 24th of June marks this Multifaith Community Event which will bring together youth groups from 3 separate religious faiths to build dialogue and cooperation between them. Details 1 and 2

  • Godly Men Shouldn't Be Weenies ...Interview by Steven Waldman, 15 Jun 2006
    God wants men to be courageous and fierce, says John Eldredge, author of "Wild at Heart." The bestselling book sees the men's movement through a Christian lens, urging men to overcome the stereotype of Jesus as a "bearded Mr. Rogers." Beliefnet's Editor in Chief spoke with Eldredge about how men can reclaim passion and adventure as part of their faith. [ infant activities by at Feedster on: childs rocking horse details

  • Professor's Genetic Tie to Genghis Khan Is History, The Chronicle: Daily News Blog, June 21, 2006
    A descendant of Genghis Khan no longer walks the campus of the University of Miami.

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