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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Multifaith Issues From Other Blogs - Update No. 7

Whats in the News
  • Polygamy: Would you or Would you Not? posted by Barbara From California @ Women on the verge of thinking, June 22, 2006
    Although today, polygamy (having more than one spouse) is not legal here in the United States, there was a time when many religions embraced such a concept. In fact, it was considered a blessing for Jews to have more than one wife at one time, and Mormons, too, adapted this concept to perpetuate the survival of their own people. Some cultures, especially in Africa, today, even sanction the marriage of one man to more than one woman, and vice-versa... Continue reading

  • Planning for pluralism, by Velveteen Rabbi, June 22, 2006
    The idea is to create liturgical experiences designed for "insiders" (we expect the most ardent and informed participants in the Jewish service to be the Jewish bloggers in attendance, for instance) but also designed to be open to "outsiders" (we hope that everyone will attend all of the sessions, regardless of whether you happen to be Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, or of a different tradition/persuasion altogether.) We also have high hopes that we'll be joined by bloggers who don't belong to any of the traditions I just listed, and we're aware that not every religious tradition is represented on the schedule -- but hey, time is limited, we made choices. Next year whoever's on the planning committee is welcome to choose otherwise! [... keep reading]

  • An interesting book review: The Myth of Religious Superiorty: A Multi-faith Exploration, by Paul F. Knitter, by Andii Bowsher, 21.6.06, @ booklogging
    Synopsis of the book:
    In this challenging book, the leading exponents of the idea that all religions are a refraction of a truth no single tradition can exclusively reveal, discuss what to make of that conviction in today's world of inter-religious strife. New in this book is the inclusion of authors from a variety of traditions, including John Hick, Rita Gross, Arvind Sharma, Roger Haight, Dan Cohn-Sherbok, and Mahmut Aydin. The authors try to make the case that the next step in inter-religious interchange ought to be the development of a multi-faith, pluralistic theology of religion. [Orbis Books, 2005] . Extract from the review by Andii:
    There is much in this book that bears further thought and wrestling with and as a set of statements advocating a pluralist position in response to the critiques of its first blush it is important. In the end it seems to me that Bernhardt should have the last word; “the religions will never totally move beyond a 'Ptolomaic' framework; they will have to engage each other in a never-ending dialogue ... inclusive insofar as it starts on the side of ones own religion; ... mutual since it will open one's own tradition to the challenging otherness of other religions.” Read the complete review

  • What Would Allah Do?, by Julia Gorin, Jun 20th, 2006
    Jewish Air Force vet Michael Weinstein’s suit against the Air Force is building steam. He is suing the Air Force over nebulous charges of Christian “proselytizing” (i.e. chaplains mentioning the name “Jesus” in multifaith contexts).

  • The Journalism of Fatwas, June 16, 2006 posted at EditIndia: Indian Media and Journalism Site / Weblog
    It seems some journalists have been assigned the 'fatwa' beat. Whenever there is any cleric issuing a controversial fatwa that can make a 'story' it is given too much of an attention.
    1. A cleric in Hyderabad issues fatwa against Vande Matram. CNN-IBN even did a story and none other than Soni Sangwan covered it. Now one expects a journalist like Soni Sangwan to be objective. She didn't go into the reason why Vande Mataram, a hymn, was opposed by a fiercely patriotic Subash Chandra Bose and a socialist like Ram Manohar Lohia who called it a blot on Indian freedom struggle(not to talk of Gandhi and others). The reason is that it comes from Anand Math that is pro-British. Continue reading this post. Other news story following the recent Fatwa of a Hyderabad Muslim Clergy on Vande Matram: CO-EXISTENCE OR VANDE MATARAM?, Mike Ghouse; Living in the Past, EDITORIAL, Navhind, June 10, 2006; And, about Vande Mataram in text, audio, translation, etc., How secular is Vande Mataram? by A.G. NOORANI

  • Assimilation, Mike Ghouse,
    The following article has gotten a few interesting points to ponder. First of all, congratulations to the Jewish Community for Celebrating 350 years of establishing the Jewish communities in UK and USA. More...

  • Religious groups decry imam's visit, Some Muslims join with Jews, Hindus, Government won't bar entry to Canada, SURYA BHATTACHARYA, Toronto Star STAFF REPORTER, Jun. 22, 2006.
    Should a controversial British Muslim imam be allowed to speak at a youth conference in Toronto?
    It's a question that has divided the local Muslim community.
    "It is sad to see that some people might want to bring their hate to Canada," said Naresh Raghubeer of the Hindu Conference of Canada. Read the full story or click here

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