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Thursday, November 23, 2006

World’s Religions after September 11 Congress - Faithwise Review of the Week

  • World’s Religions after September 11 Congress : September 11-15, 2006, Montreal
    [A post conference report]
    Thank you to all of our participants who joined us during this unforgettable event. The goal was to bring together the various religions of the world, in an ecumenical spirit, to address the many issues facing the globe today, in the hope that it would help all of us become better human beings. That goal was reached.

    Over 2025 individuals from 84 countries around the world attended the World’s Religions after September 11 Congress. A total of 225 speakers assisted in over 8 Workshops, 18 Plenary presentations, 47 Panels and 236 Individual presentations over the course of the 5 day congress. Additional highlights included the morning observances, the unique cultural evenings and the daily Youth and Religion workshops that drew in over 200 youth participants. Continue reading about the congress, and words from the President of the Congress, Prof. Arvind Sharma

  • 25 years of renouncing religious intolerance
    This November marks the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the 1981 UN Declaration on the Elimination of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief. The anniversary is especially timely, said Asma Jahangir, UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, as it is “particularly important to challenge the rising tide of intolerance that we witness today.” [See also: United Nations' declarations on religious intolerance]
  • Hope for Parsis on brink of extinction, Arunima / CNN-IBN
    To preserve the last vestiges of their community, Delhi Parsi Anjuman is accepting offspring of mixed marriages [Parsis=zoroastrians, followers of Iran's oldest religion]
  • New-age Sufism disappoints clerics Sufism, the devotional path to soul\'s realization has become a fashion statement, much to the disappointment of Islamic clerics. [new age movements=modern & / or 20th century philosophies]
  • Faith meets science on Ganga's banks
    priest who is also a hydraulic engineer is using science and his own faith to spread awareness and clean Ganga.
  • Court notice to Premji in domestic violence case [dating allowance]
  • Sperm has religion, caste too, Abantika Ghosh, The Times of India
  • Religious intolerance can precipitate WW-III former Director General of National Human Rights Commission, D R Karthikeyan
  • Sikh air travellers permitted to carry kirpans, Indo-Asian News Service
  • Kangaroo court backs rapist godman in Bengal village, Express Network
  • Spiritual cable connection with God
    Television channels offering programmes on spirituality, yoga and self-realization are topping the popularity charts. [more at IBNLive: Faith in Progress;
  • Racism force Sikhs to cut hair in UK
  • Stop using the Cross to fuel a cultural row, Christians advised @ Faith Commons
  • Vatican shift on contraception could signal hope for millions @ Faith Commons

    See also previous post: overseas indians turn to web for festival prayers; New Media and Religious Information Seekers; and Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives]
    Rant of the day
    Praying, and feeding children, would rank pretty high on most people's list of inoffensive and even wholesome activities. There are plenty of larger issues embedded in these two outrageous stories -- about racism and religious intolerance in the war on terror, misogyny and puritanism, disregard for basic individual freedoms -- but I'd like to also point out that flying is an increasingly miserable experience for everyone. Read full article: Flying While Arab, Liza Featherstone, The Nation, BLOG | Posted 11/22/2006
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