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Friday, November 17, 2006

New Media and Religious Information Seekers

  • Too idle to read the Bible? It's in a blog
    London: If pious Muslims follow the Koran, might Christians and Jews benefit from a closer read of their scriptures too? Can Biblical verses help make them better people, better parents, or even get along better with their in-laws?

    People interested by such questions who haven't got much beyond the Adam and Eve story can join a man reading the Bible at, an online daily magazine.

    In 'Blogging the Bible', a vaguely religious man plods gamely through scripture, asking down-to-earth or occasionally irreverent questions, and getting thousands of emails in response. continue reading

  • SMS from Saudi Arabia promoting conversion to Islam, 15 November, 2006,
    Dialling “Call Me to Islam” is an initiative for those who want to know more about the Islamic faith, in nine languages
    Jeddah (AsiaNews) – “Call Me to Islam” is an initiative launched in Saudi Arabia by dawah activists to convert non Muslims to Islam via short message service (SMS) or receive information about Islam, Saudi daily Arab News reported.

    Dawah, which literally means ‘summons’, refers to Muslim responsibility to invite others to Islam. Now some activists have decided to go a step further. Anyone interested in learning about Islam can send an SMS to +966-55988899 and leave their names, nationality, language, religion, job and mobile number.

    The ‘spread Islam via SMS’ idea is the brainchild of Muhammad Al-Eiban, from the al-Badia Office for Foreign Communities, which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. continue reading

  • National conference on the media and a multi faith society. 31 March 2004 London
  • International Conference on Media, Religion & Culture, 2006

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