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Monday, November 13, 2006

Montreal gym, synagogue clash over attire - Faithwise Review of the Week

  • Montreal gym, synagogue clash over attire
    Updated Sat. Nov. 11 2006, News Staff
    The Park Avenue YMCA in Montreal has become the flashpoint of a clash between an ultra conservative Hasidic Jewish group and a parade of spandex-clad female exercisers.
    We have a problem with women being dressed immodestly, and we don't believe in our children seeing that,' explained congregation member Mayer Feig. See also:
    Hasidic Jews battle neighbourhood gym over revealing attire
    Vancouver Sun (subscription), Canada - 8 Nov 2006
    MONTREAL -- Tight and revealing workout wear angered Hasidic Jews whose Montreal synagogue is across the alley from a YMCA.

  • Dalai Lama calls for sparing Saddam Hussein's life
    MUMBAI (Reuters) - The Dalai Lama urged Iraqi authorities on Monday to spare the life of Saddam Hussein, sentenced to death this month, saying the guilty should get a chance to reform.
  • Only 23 Parsi families left in the capital
    New Delhi, Nov 13. (PTI): Only 23 Parsi families are now residing in the National Capital while among the minorities, Muslims are the largest chunk who have chosen their abode here.

    According to the Delhi Minorities Commission's annual report 2004-05, which has been tabled in the Delhi Assembly, there are only 23 Parsis families staying in the city.

    As per the Census 2001, minorities constitute 17 per cent of the total population in Delhi with Muslims taking the lead having 11.7 per cent followed by Sikhs at 4 per cent and Christians at .9 per cent, says the Commission's report, which was presented on Saturday.

    Number wise, there are 16,23,520 Muslims, 5,55,602 Sikhs and 13,03,19 Christians living in the National Capital, while the number of people hailing from the Buddhist community stand merely at 23,705.

    Though Jain community constitutes just 1.1 per cent of the total population of the city, it is yet to be notified as a minority despite recommendations from the State Commission to the Delhi Government.

    "The Jain community has made several representations to the Delhi Minorities Commission to recommend to Delhi Government to declare the community to be bracketed under minority community. The Commission recommend the Government to do so," says the report.

    The Delhi Minorities Commission was set up by the Delhi Government in 2000 with an aim to look into the problems faced by the minorities in the city. [see also Jain minorities]

  • Secret sutra found in rubble of Bamiyan Buddhas Agence France-Presse, Tokyo, November 12, 2006
    A part of a Buddhism sutra was found inside one of the two giant Buddhas of Bamiyan, providing a hint for unveiling the mystery surrounding the creation of the statues, a Japanese news agency reported on Sunday.
    The fragment of the scripture was believed to be the original Sanskrit document, written with the letters often used in the sixth and seventh century, according to a Kyodo news dispatch from Kabul.

  • U.S. drops Vietnam from religious intolerance list
  • Widows sue to get Wiccan symbol approved see also: Available Emblems of Belief for Placement on Government Headstones and Markers
  • The Chinese connection:
    New discoveries from Asia suggest the Dead Sea Scrolls may not be as old as we think
  • A reality check on terrorism, Nov. 16, 2006. THE TORONTO STAR, HAROON SIDDIQUI
    While there is by now a full comprehension of the disaster that is Iraq, there is still not enough understanding of the parallel bankruptcy of the greater war on terrorism and the political and media discourse that has accompanied it.

  • Sikhs blame British policy of 'Asian' tag, Rashmee Roshan Lall
    [ 17 Nov, 2006 2110hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
    LONDON: British Sikhs have stepped up their attack on the UK's politically-correct policy of lumping Sikhs and Hindus with the omnibus tag 'Asian' instead of clearly identifying Muslims as the offenders when needed, just 48 hours after a Scottish Sikh teenager was viciously attacked by a white gang and forced to submit to having his long hair hacked off.

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