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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Identifying the major topics to find Internet resources on Muslims and Islam

"Religion is not just for churches, synagogues or mosques anymore -- it's a topic that is being actively searched for online, according to researchers at Penn State." (Web Searches for Religious Topics On the Rise,

The purpose, here, is to identify and list major topics that relate to finding religion-online (aka faith-based web searches), example: Muslims and Islam. 

In short, the spiritual web has many resources (good, best and not so good) that are used for religious purposes. Here is a sample of topics that relate to Muslim and / or Islamic resources:
  • Basic 101 - Iman (knowing), Islam (practicing), Ihsan (experiencing)
  • Prayer / space location / direction / time (obligatory prayers)
  • Fasting date and timing / Do's Don'ts
  • Charity (obligatory = Zakat), other helping aids
  • Hajj date and timing / Do's Don'ts
  • Festival / celebration: date and timing
  • Meditation / Zikr (other than obligatory prayers)
  • Quran, recitation / Adhan / Hymns (Naat)
  • Learning Islam: How to worship, how to resolve everyday situations 
  • History, biography, Life of the Prophet Mohammed and his companions
  • Law (jurisprudence), schools, sources, etc.
  • Finding an expert / alim / Scholar / Imam
  • Cultural matters (dress, diet, etc.) communities, etc. 
  • Language based resources (Quran: translation and interpretation; Hadith, Fiqh, etc) 
  • Necessities of daily life: housing, jobs, Halal and legal avenues, inheritance, wealth management, family life, marriage, birth, death, etc.
  • Movements, groups, ideologies, etc.
  • News, events, etc.
NOTE: If you want to see the websites on some of the above themes, then you have to look at my book in your library (using WorldCat), or order  from Amazon or Publisher:

Cyber Worship Resource for World Prayers

Here is a sample from inside the Book: Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives--full of resources that will facilitate building bridges in a Multifaith society. Table of Contents Reviews

Chapter 1. 1. Cyber Worship/Meditation Webwise: Noah, Abraham and Beyond 

 Chapter 2. 'Cyber Worship As-Is On the Web'
On the same shelf:  
  • Key Themes for the Study of Islam
    Jamal J. Elias (2010, ISBN 9781851687107)  [Contents: Art / Kishwar Rizvi -- Authority / Devin DeWeese -- Belief / R. Kevin Jacques -- Body / Shahzad Bashir -- Community / Ahmet T. Karamustafa -- Culture / Michael Cooperson -- Death / Amila Buturovic -- Gender / Kelly Pemberton -- God / Jamal J. Elias -- History / Snjezana Buzov -- Institution / Joseph E. Lowry -- Law / A. Kevin Reinhart -- Modernity / Bruce B. Lawrence -- Prayer / Shawkat M. Toorawa -- Prophecy / Devin Stewart -- Ritual / Amina M. Steinfels -- Text / İrvin Cemil Schick -- War / Sohail H. Hashmi -- Word / Walid A. Saleh. ] -- Other possible Islamic themes (potential keywords): Allah, fiqh, hadith, iman, islam, jihad, kitab, mithaq, nabi, qadr, Quran, salat, sharia, sufi, sunna, tawhid. umma (p. 4); prayer, fasting, alms-giving, judgement (p. 4); 
  • Major Themes of the Qur'an: Second Edition, by Fazlur Rahman
    Chapter One : God
    Chapter Two : Man as Individual
    Chapter Three: Man in Society
    Chapter Four: Nature
    Chapter Five: Prophethood and Revelation
    Chapter Six : Eschatology
    Chapter Seven: Satan and Evil
    Chapter Eight: Emergence of the Muslim Community
    Appendix I: The Religious Situation of the Muslim Community in Mecca
    Appendix II: The People of the Book and Diversity of Religions
  • Islam and Christianity: Theological Themes in Comparative Perspective, by John Renard
    Part I. Historical Dimensions: Interpreting God's Communication and Divine Engagement in Time and Space
    1. Sacred Sources and Community Origins; 2. Development and Spread
    Part II. Creedal Dimensions: Faith and the Development of Theology as a Religious Discipline
    3. From Story to Creed; 4. The Emergence of Theological Disciplines
    Part III. Institutional Dimensions: The Structures of Theologically Grounded Community
    5. Beneath the Brick and Mortar; 6.Institutions in Action
    Part IV. Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions: Mapping Outward and Inward Journeys of Faith
    7. Sources, Methods, and Social Values in Theological Ethics; 8. Sources and Models in Traditions of Spirituality; 9. Themes in Prayer and Mystical Theology
    Epilogue: Reflections on the Prospects for Christian-Muslim Theological Dialogue
  • Islamic Theological Themes: A Primary Source Reader, by John Renard (Editor) CONTENTS:
    Part One: The Science of Interpretation: Reading the Sacred Sources
    1 Qur'an and Hadith; 2 Interpreting the Sacred Sources
    Part Two: The Science of Community: Mapping the Boundaries of True Belief
    3 Muslim Awareness of Other Religious Communities; 4 Creed and Polemic
    Part Three : The Science of Divine Unity: Schools and Themes in Systematic Theology
    5 Theological Schools and Principles; 6 Major Themes in Systematic Theology
    Part Four : The Science of Hearts: Spirituality and Literature
    7 Knowledge and the Spiritual Quest; 8 Poetic, Pastoral, and Narrative Theology
    Part Five: The Science of Character and Comportment: Ethics and Governance
    9 Ethics in Theory; 10 Ethics in Practice
  • Yahoo Topics/Categories:

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