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Saturday, November 16, 2013

There can be no goodwill if we only tolerate each other

Dear Friends and Family, Greetings on Guru Nanak's Birthday!
I thought this message from Judge Mota Singh of UK might interest some of you. Amritjit Singh

The message is written by His Honour Sir Judge Mota Singh QC, a former Crown Court judge in the UK, who has received many lifetime achievement awards. He has been an advisor to the non-profit organization "United Sikhs" for Sikhs' Right To Turban campaign under which we won three cases at the UN against France’s ban on the turban in schools and on ID photo documents...
"Sikh  spiritual tradition is not content with mere toleration. There can be no goodwill if we only tolerate each other. Many thinkers rebuke the habit of condescending toleration. We must appreciate all faiths, recognise that they offer rich spiritual experiences and encourage sacrificial living and inspire their followers to a nobler way of life. The Sikh Gurus had this noble quality of appreciation of whatever was valuable in other religious traditions. The more we understand one another, the more we find we are like one another..." continue reading SikhSiyasat.Net
On the same shelf:
  • The Surprising Pope: Understanding the Thought of John Paul II (Religion, Politics, and Society in the New Millennium)   O.P. Zieba Maciej  -- "What kind of brothers and sisters in Christ would we have if we only tolerate each other? To "bear one another up in love" means more than to tolerate." (p. 149)
  • My Path to World Faith & Love at Home, by Frankie Fredericks, Executive Director of World Faith "After studies in Greece and Italy, I went to Egypt to explore Christian-Muslim relations through independent research. Witnessing how mere coexistance and tolerance will never create greater community and understanding, rather than finding answers, I began discovering
    new questions.  If we only tolerate each other, how can we create a space where religious identity is no longer a source of divisiveness?"
  • Tolerance in Islam (Lessons from history), By: Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall.  "There is no doubt but that, in the eyes of history, religious toleration is the highest evidence of culture in a people. Let no Muslim, when looking on the ruin of the Muslim realm which was compassed through the agency of those very peoples whom the Muslims had tolerated and protected through the centuries when Western Europe thought it a religious duty to exterminate or forcibly convert all peoples of another faith than theirs - let no Muslim, seeing this, imagine that toleration is a weakness in Islam. It is the greatest strength of Islam because it is the attitude of truth. Allah is not the God of the Jews or the Christians or the Muslims only, any more than the sun shines or the rain falls for Jews or Christians or Muslims only."           

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Thanks Mohamed for sharing the appropriate message.
Harsharan Singh.
Very true.
Prakash M

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