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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, Plus : Review of the Week

  • Smackdown!: Thanksgiving show stuffed with Tag Team action, CANOE
  • Black Friday: Why Canada should not copy the U.S. MetroNews Canada
  • NFL Picks: The Detroit Lions deserve a happy Thanksgivin, National Post
  • Here's your definitive Thanksgiving weekend marathon guide, Entertainment Weekly
  • Dozens of US retailers opened on Thanksgiving through Black Friday CTV News
  • A Thanksgiving that forgets nobody, Sentinel and Enterprise
  • Buddhism and Sikhism - a Thanksgiving Day Reflection by Prof. Amritjit Singh:
  • This is part of what I wrote this morning to a friend – some of it may interest you.  Happy Thanksgiving,  Amrit 

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and to so many of God's creatures (humans not excluded) that you share your love with.  [Take my reference to God with a grain of salt. I am an agnostic by choice – I don't say "agnostic by faith or conviction" becos that would be a contradiction.] 

    BTW, I am one of those agnostics, those Lefties if you like, who as a non-believer, recognizes that billions of humans around the world get their moral sustenance from their distinct faiths and that when the Marxists dismiss all religions as specimens of false consciousness and refuse to engage with faith communities, they make a big mistake.  The Lefties also allow the fanatics within each faith tradition to go unchallenged.  All of us then face the consequences.  

    Am reading an interesting book on Buddhism – Pankaj Mishra's An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World.  He argues that Buddhism nudges us in the direction of meditation and mindfulness in order to resolve our individual personal struggles with human suffering (indeed the focus of Buddha's thought and meditations) and has little to say on issues of social justice in larger circles of society and politics.  I have been thinking at the same time of Sikhism, the faith in which I nominally grew up – my Dad was also a skeptic of sorts although not an agnostic.  Sikhism, in contrast, is a project in social engineering – an unending struggle for social justice and for First Amendment rights in their largest connotations.  Meditation at the personal, individual level is not forgotten in Sikhism – but living fully and actively with an awareness of issues that affect family and community is at the heart of the Sikh way of life.  And in some of those ways, I am a Sikh all right.  

    That is the burden of my song on Thanksgiving Day (also Hanukah today! - a rare coincidence).  Sorry to insist on making you my captive audience for a few minutes!!

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